Stunning Business Card Designs for a Lasting Impression

If you are asked to recall your favorite business card, I bet you don’t have an answer for it. No worries, me neither because who notices the generic look for business cards? Fact of the matter is, for many people, their business card is also a promotional tool for them, particularly when they are not attached to any organization – and some of them are really great attention-grabbers.

While most of us will fall back on a business card template or the minimalistic style, after going through all the considerations required of the card that will sell your services for you, sometimes it’s good to just let down your hair and have fun with it.

In this post we will show you 15 business cards that are anything but regular or normal. These cards will make you want to play with them.

Case Study: Designing Business Card that Rocks!

Case Study: Designing Business Card that Rocks!

Business cards are hard-printed mediums for spreading the word about your business and what you do. These papers... Read more


Richard’s Bentply business card lets you play a paper folding game while learning about the brand, talking about efficiency!

Image Source: Richard C Evans

Cardapult V2

If you want your business card stand out from the rest, congrats, this Cardapult card is available for purchase.

Image Source: Cardnetics

cardapult v2

Want your client to keep your business card on their work desk? Give them a reason to.

Image Source: Egil Paulsen


Let your fashion sense run wild with Frizitka, a hairdresser company. They are definitely having fun with their business cards.

Image Source: Igor Perkusic


Someone’s an iPhone and Facebook fan. One does not simply laugh at this card without touching on it.

Image Source: Beasty Design

Junpiter Futbol

Sports companies, here’s an idea to steal for your business card. Bravo!

Image Source: Bravo Company

junpiter futbol
Krakatua Greeting Card

I doubt people will forget these 3D business cards once they played with it.

Image Source: yienkeat

krakatua greeting card
krakatua greeting card
Web Design Harlow

I will not be surprised to hear this web design company getting more business.

Image Source: We Are Sweet

web design harlow
Mais Pilates

While this is certainly an entertaining toy, it also perfectly explains the core benefits of doing Pilates: to develop better posture and flexibility.

Image Source: Marketdata

mais pilates

Now your potential client is not only going to remember your brand, but also your face for a great time to come.

Image Source: Mogibo

Gabe Ferreira

Why make a business card when you can just print the brand out?

Image Source: Gabe Ferreira

gabe ferreira
Ninja BTL

The only problem with this business card is the receiver will throw it around, for fun!

Image Source: Ninja BTL

ninja btl
Sparkle Labs

Sparkle Labs just used its electronic kit product to build business cards. Pretty expensive, but it is going to be the most impressive one you would ever receive. Light ’em up.

Image Source: Sparkle Labs

sparkle labs
Penny Shooter

"Shoot pennies with my business card!" I doubt if saying this will bring me any business but hey, nobody hates a penny shooter.

Image Source: Cardnetics

penny shooter
Tiny Pants

You don’t need to read the business card to know what this company is delivering. Maximum marketing effectiveness.

Image Source: Bravo Company

tiny pants