30+ Awesome Gifts Ideas for Geeks, Vol. 1

Looking for gift ideas to buy for the geeks in your life? Well, you could get them a nice PC mouse, a superhero coffee mug or a reliable storage device but that would be too mainstream.

In this post you will find a list of nifty gift ideas that geeks will love – some of them are inspired by popular movies, TV series and games, while others are just flat out "shut up and take my money" merchandise. Now, let the shopping begin!

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Inception: Spinning Totem

This iconic spinning totem sums up what we love (or hate) about the movie Inception. Get one of your own and give it a spin.

Dom Spinning Totem from Inception
Sherlock: 221B Keychain

Fans of Sherlock would love to have this 2-inch customizable lightweight aluminum keychain with 221B engraved on it. There’s probably space for "Baker Street" in there.

Sherlock 221B Flat Keychain
Star Wars BB-8 Droid

A new droid (from Star Wars Awakening) that can learn and react to your voice. You can also control it with your smartphone. Without question, the perfect gift for hardcore Star Wars fans.

Death Note

Thankfully (or unfortunately) this is not a real Death Note. Instead of playing the role of Death himself, you can write groceries, wishlists, study notes and other harmless (aka boring) stuff in this.

Time Turner

An officially licensed time-turner necklace from the Harry Potter series, the thing that Hermione used to attend extra classes with, made with 24 karat gold plating and inner rotating rings. The perfect collectible for fans of the book and series.

Harry Potter Time-turner
Captain America Backpack

Carry your belongings in this Captain America shield (as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron). The backpack comes with several pockets inside including two for accessories and for a laptop.

cap america backpack
Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

An ice mold that shapes ice cubes in the form of the Death Star from the original Star Wars series. I can imagine that there are some fans who would create these ice cubes only to blast them while reenacting that iconic scene.

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death star ice sphere
Game of Throne Monopoly

A G.O.T themed Monopoly board, minus all the blood and killing of "main players". Nope, the same old ordinary Monopoly game board rules apply but the totems look awesome.

got monopoly
Minecraft LightUp Redstone Ore

This 3″ replica of Redstone will be a favorite amongst Minecraft fans. It has 3 levels of light brightness, which you can adjust with light taps (with your hand, not pickaxes or swords like in the game).

minecraft lightup
Moustache Guard Mug

A perfect mug for gentlemen with long, lustrous mustaches. It keeps your beverage away from your facial hair. And the mug decor is very interesting too.

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moustache guard mug
Exploding Kittens

Coming from Matthew Inman (of the Oatmeal fame) and two friends (Elan Lee and Shane Small), we get a card game perfect for players aged 7 and above with a special love, or hatred for kittens (I can’t tell). The game raised 1 million on Kickstarter in just 7 hours.


Back then, paper planes can fly for a mere few seconds. Today’s paper planes can get a boost with specialized paper, gear and a smartphone app. Great times to be a kid.

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Foldio 2

A foldable, portable studio you can take with you on your photo-taking adventures. If you or a friend sell stuff online, this would be a great gift.

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foldio 2
Pokemon Cap

The iconic cap belonging to Reddo of Pokemon. It looks great for cosplaying as well for playing Pokemon Go.

pokemon cap
Batman Gotham Cityscape Chess Set

An awesome chess set with Batman and Batwoman as King and Queen on the White side and Joker leading the dark side with Harley Queen.

batman chess set
Wonder Woman Business Card Holder

This card holder features the Wonder Women emblem giving it an elegant and classy look.

wonder women businesscard
Batmobile Bookends

From Batman Arkham Knight, this Batmobile replica is recreated with the finest details. Split in two, they become the ultimate bookends for your comic book collection.

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Statue Bookends

A replica of the Iron Man suit designed to battle the hulk, this Hulkbuster is approximately 55cm tall and features an arc reactor that will light up with 16 LEDs. ($824)

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Pipe Mug

A mug that is shaped like the pipes in the Mario Bros adventures. It is made of ceramic, and safe for microwave use. Alternatively you can use it as a plant pot. Similarly themed coasters are available for $8 per piece.

Mario Bros Pipe Mug
Monochromatic Deck of Card

This card deck simply looks sleek. The single-colored card deck comes only in white or only in black. Brings new meaning to the game Black Jack.

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monochromatic card deck
Dragon Ball Set

Now you don’t have to fight to collect all 7 balls to summon Shenron who will grant you one wish. Ok, about 50% of that is true.

dragonball crystal ball

This monster may not coming out from the Loch Ness lake, but it could come out of your soup pot.

BookBook for Macbook

The cover that makes your MacBook look like an old leather-bound printed book.

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macbook book
Star Trek Uniform Messenger Bags

With this 16×12" bag you can travel through galaxies or from one town to the next in style. It comes in three colors: green, red, and yellow, has a combadge on the outside.

uniform messenger bags
Stormtrooper Knit Hat for Kids

Knitted hat embroidered to look like the Stormtrooper helmet. This hat will keep your little one’s head warm during winter.

Legend of Zelda Journal

This gorgeous note book is the best gift Zelda fans could ever receive. Use all 120 pages to fill in your adventures or your Zelda-inspired fanfic.

legend of zelda
Google Cardboard

With Google Cardboard you can turn your smartphone into a Virtual Reality device. You can watch movies, play games, and even develop on top of it with the SDKs. ($23.95)

google cardboard
Tetris-shaped Storage Benches

These benches are not only shaped like the blocks in tetris but you can also store stuff in them. Perfect for the office and at home, whether you are a 90’s kid or not. ($600)

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tetris shaped storage
Avatar Pendant Necklaces

In The Last Airbender series, White Lotus helped Team Avatar defeat the Fire Nation. You can own your own 1.25-inch replica of these pendant necklaces as well. Bending powers not included. ($9.99)

avatar pendant
Pokemon Badges

From the Elite Four collcetion, these badges would look great hanging from your wall. The whole collection contains 50 badges, and are assembled and glued by hand to a 24×12′ metal board. Made to order.

pokemon badges
Lumos Helmet

A helmet designed to improve safety when cycling at night. This helmet is equipped with front light, left and right light as turning signal, and a red stop light. Controls are attached on the bike, and communicated via a wireless remote. ($134 on Pre-order)

Kano Kit

Kano is a DIY computer kit. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi plus apps to help you or for kids to get the first taste of learning how to code.

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Lomo’Instant Kyoto

Lomo’Instant allows you to take photos and print them out instantly. This pack comes with a camera, 3 types of lenses, and 3 packs of film to print out your photos. ($193.83)


This is magical lamp. It levitates and hovers over a pad which lights it up wirelessly. The lamp uses an LED that lasts for 50,000 hours. And you can also wirelessly charge your smartphone on the pad. ($299 on Pre-order)

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