20 Awesome Treehouses For Your Inspiration

Think treehouses are just backyard structures built for kids to play in? Well, think again. Constructed for different functions and in different forms, treehouses have the potential to be achitectural masterpieces, much like castles. They remind us that our natural habitat was once amongst the trees.

Below, we have compiled 20 awesome treehouses that really bring this notion to life. These magnificent structures will not only leave you speechless at how amazing they can look but will also make you wish that you had these beauties in your backyard when you were little.

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Mirror Cube

Designed by Tham & Vinegard architects, the cube is covered in mirrors which reflects its surroundings. Sweden’s ‘invisible’ hotel room contains a large bed, bathroom, lounge and rooftop terrace to soak in the view.

mirror cube sweden
The Sustainability Treehouse

This Sustainability Treehouse is located at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia and it serves as a camp adventure site.

Design architect, Mithun created this treehouse to provide visitors with the opportunity to explore and understand the site and ecosystem on the different levels of the structure.

the sustainability treehouse
Roost Treehouse

It is designed to copy the natural curves found in nature. The purpose was to build a treehouse that could blend in with the surrounding forest. The treehouse is built using sustainable materials.

The design by Antony Gibbon looks like it came straight from Lothlorien (The Eleves’ forest home) in Lord of the Rings.

roost tree house
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

Built on a 40 meter high redwood tree, this treehouse is found in the north of Auckland, New Zealand. Shaped like a cocoon around the tree, the restaurant as well as its path, is illuminated by warm-colored lights at night.

yellow treehouse restaurant
4Tree House

This tree house concept gives it the appearance of floating among the fir trees in Lake Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. It is constructed on the base of four existing trees, which resembles stilts. There are three levels in total with varying transparency, letting natural light in and out as much as possible.

4treehouse lukasz
Tea House Tetsu

Located in Hokuto, Japan, the treehouse is surrounded by purple and pink cherry blossom trees. It is built especially for enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom and its also serves as a tea house.

teahouse tetsu japan
Horace Burgess’s Treehouse

Located in Crossville, Tennesse, the treehouse is 97 feet tall and it uses 6 trees as its base. It took over 14 years to build this massive treehouse!

world's biggest tree house by horace burgess
Wilkinson Residence

Found in Portland, Oregon, this treehouse is built on a flag lot. The building was built to enhance the natural landscape as well as the flow of music.

wilkinson residence
Banyan Treehouse

This luxurious tree house which is made out of wood and glass is the perfect getaway from the busy life. It overlooks downtown Los Angeles and is built on the base of a large pine tree.

banyan treehouse
The Cocoon

Built by students from London’s Architectural Association, it is a giant wooden cocoon suspended between the trees. It was visualized to be a quite getaway where dwellers can sit and watch the sun set.

the cocoon
Free Spirit Spheres

Situated among the tall trees in the rainforest of Vancouver, Canada, these handmade tree house spheres are suspended in the air with winding ropes. The spheres are available for overnight rental.

free spirit spheres
Baumraum Treehouse

Designed by Baumraum, this treehouse can be found in Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium. It helps to close the gap between the economy and ecology. It is equipped with state-of-the-art eco facilities.

the tree house baumraum
E’terra Samara Retreat

It is a five-star eco resort that consists of twelve treehouse villas. It is situated in Canada’s Bruce Peninsula forest. The treehouse is suspended and it appears as if it is hugging the tree.

eterra samara
Tree in the House

The structure is camouflaged amongst the trees in the mountainous city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. It is a transparent cylindrical volume with an empty core, where a towering tree rises from the space.

tree in the house
Tree Snake Houses

Located in Portugal, the structure gives an illusion of a snake gliding between the trees. The design uses materials that would blend in with its surroundings. The architects used a new technology which allows a weightless easy-carrying structure.

tree snake houses
Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses

Guests can choose to stay in two level family tree houses or a stand alone Olive suite apartment. Located on New Zealand’s south island, the lodge is near the top site for spotting whales and dolphins.

hapuku lodge and tree houses
La Casa Del Arbol

This unique treehouse has a small swing set that soars high over the Ecuadorian city of Banos. Thrill seekers will sail 2,660 meters above sea level. It offers visitors a glimpse of the edge of the world.

la casa del arbol
UFO Hotel Room

The Swedish eco hotel has added a UFO shaped room to its collection. The lightweight structure is suspended in the trees and you can experience this for $625 a night.

ufo hotel room
Chewton Glen Treehouse Suites

It is situated high above the ground in Hampshire, England. These luxurious treehouses are in a natural forest setting. It is on stilts and gives a panoramic view of the forest.

chewton glen treehouse
The Enchanted Forest Treehouse

A three-story treehouse, probably the tallest treehouse in British Columbia, Canada.

The Enchanted Forest Treehouse