5 Best AI Art Generators for iPad (2024)

Unleash your creativity on the go with the top AI art generator apps for iPad. From Imagine to Leonardo.ai, discover tools that transform text prompts into stunning artworks.

You’ve likely heard of and experimented with various AI art generators, such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and Runway, to name a few. While these tools are fantastic, many are browser-based.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best AI art generator apps that you can download and use on your iPad, allowing you to create art anytime, anywhere, on the move.


Imagine iPad app

Imagine is an AI art generator that transforms your descriptions into visual art. You can choose from a variety of models and styles, such as ‘Dream Shaper’, ‘Realistic’, ‘Cosmic’, and ‘Marble’. Simply pick your settings, and let the app craft your art, ready for download or further tweaks.

This app isn’t just about generating art; it offers advanced customization. You can blend images, exclude elements, adjust aspect ratios, and enhance image quality. While Imagine has a free version, there are subscription plans for those seeking more features.

Whether you’re using the free version, with its basic features, ads, and watermarks, or opting for a subscription that removes ads, watermarks, speeds up processing, and offers more flexibility in aspect ratio, Imagine caters to all. Subscriptions are available weekly, annually, or for a lifetime.

Imagine isn’t just for iPad. It’s also available for iPhone and Android users.

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Airt iPad app

Airt makes art creation accessible to everyone. Start by typing a custom prompt or selecting from pre-made ones. Choose your art style, from realistic to digital, including anime and watercolor. For the adventurous, there’s an ‘Advanced Option’ to select a model like ‘DALL-E’, ‘Stable Diffusion’, or ‘Midjourney’. Airt also offers an avatar creation tool, turning photos into unique avatars for an additional cost.

Try Airt free for 3 days, then opt for a weekly subscription at $9.98 or an annual one at $49.98. Subscribers enjoy unlimited artwork creation and no watermarks on their art.

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WOMBO Dream iPad app

To start using WOMBO Dream, tap the ‘+’ icon on the main screen. Then, pick the size you want for your artwork, type in a description or choose from the given options, and select an art style like Dreamland, Warped, or Realistic. However, some styles are only available with a paid subscription. Once you’ve made your choices, hit ‘Create’ to get your AI-designed art.

After your art is made, you can download it, make changes, add text, or create different versions. There’s also a ‘Community Feed’ in the app where you can see art made by others, which can give you some ideas. You can even download or change these artworks. But remember, anything you create will show up in this feed unless you change this in the settings.

If you’re using the free version, you can only make one piece of art at a time and there’s a limit on how long your description can be. If you want more features, you can subscribe for $14.98 a month or $134.98 a year. This gives you faster results, no ads, and no watermarks on your art.

WOMBO Dream is also available for iPhone and Android users.

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UniDream iPad app

UniDream comes with several features, not just turning text into art. It can change existing pictures, fill in missing parts of photos with AI help, and turn simple drawings into colorful artworks. To use it, users click the ‘+’ sign, pick ‘Text to Art’, write a description, select a style like Anime or 3D, and set the picture size. Then, by pressing ‘Start Drawing’, the art is made.

A special feature in UniDream is the ‘Reference Image’ option. This lets users use another picture to help improve their artwork, which is great for getting certain poses or designs right. The app also has tools to make faces and details like hair look better. After making art, users can save, fix, change, or make different versions of it. UniDream is free, but paying for it gives more features like more art styles, endless picture making, and better editing tools.

UniDream is available for iPhone, Android, and Mac.

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Leonardo.ai iPad app

Last but not least, we have Leonardo.ai.

This AI art generator is designed primarily for tablet devices. The app is free to an extent, granting users 150 daily tokens to kickstart their artistic endeavors. Whether you’re a novice in the realm of AI art or a casual creator, Leonardo.ai offers a cost-effective way to bring your artistic visions to life. After downloading the app, users are required to sign up. Upon successful registration, they receive 150 tokens.

The home screen showcases a variety of image-generating models and a gallery of artworks created by the community. To produce art, users input a prompt, choose a model, and then customize their piece using numerous options, from the model type (like PhotoReal or DreamShaper) to advanced settings such as ‘Seed’ and ‘Scheduler’.

Leonardo.ai also introduces an ‘Image to Image’ feature, which allows users to upload a pre-existing photo and direct the AI to create a new artwork inspired by the original. In terms of pricing, Leonardo.ai offers four distinct plans: Free, Apprentice, Artisan, and Maestro.

Each plan provides different amounts of tokens, image generation capabilities, and additional features.

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