28 Multi-Player iOS Games to Kill Boredom

Gaming is fast becoming a lone sport. You can beat all those goals and fly through those stages but after a while, without the competitive spirit, games become a chore. What you need is to inject some rivalry into gaming, particularly mobile games.

Sure, you can play with family and friends, but what you really want is to compete with worldwide gaming talents — beating them is where the real fun of multi-player games lies.

In this post, we’re introducing you to the top multiplayer games for iOS devices including iPhone and iPad. What are you waiting for? Install one and start playing!

Clash of Clans

[Strategy] A crowd favorite, this fortress defense game lets you join a friend’s clan and turn villages into fortresses.. The real challenge is to train and raise armies (including barbarians, witches and dragons), defend your fortresses using cannons, mortars, bombs and more, and battle with enemy clans to prove your supremacy.

Clash of Clans [Strategy]
Words with Friends Classic

[Puzzle] A crosswords puzzle game where the players have to build the best possible words using the available characters in the least number of moves to gain maximum points. You can even compete with unknown players through its random opponent matchmaking, make new friends and connect with your friends via the in-game chat.

Words with Friends Classic [Puzzle]
Injustice: Gods Among Us

[Cards] A collectible card game where the player gets to build an epic list of both heroes and villains (from DC Comics) along with moves and powers to fight in the 3-on-3 action combat battles. The player has to create his teams with tactical strategies and level up in battles to evolve his collection, and participate in worldwide tournaments to top the leaderboards.

Injustice: Gods Among Us [Cards]
Head Soccer

[Sports] A soccer game with easy controls but lethal shots such as ice shoot, dragon shoot and lightning shoot to make the opponents lose the games. The game offers multiple game modes to suit your mood like league, survival, tournament, etc. Moreover, the game also offers Multi Play Mode to play with your friends in vicinity using Bluetooth.

Head Soccer [Sports]
Touch Hockey: FS5

[Sports] An addictive air hockey game with smooth touch and animations that makes the game very responsive to play. The game offers multiple levels for solo play and if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can play a multiplayer game with friends using Bluetooth or local WiFi network.

Touch Hockey: FS5 [Sports]
Bike Race Free

[Racing] A fast-paced physics-based bike racing game wherein the player has to drive his bike through tracks having obstacles, loops and jumps. The game comes with dozens of addictive worlds and hundreds of challenging tracks to keep the fun alive. It comes with single player mode as well and allows playing unlimited publicly-shared free levels.

Bike Race Free [Racing]
8 Ball Pool

[Sports] The world’s #1 pool game with an attractive interface, simple gameplay and multiplayer options. You can challenge your Facebook or 8 Ball Pool friends or other players for a 1-1 match or participate in a global 8-player tournament to top in the leaderboards. The player can also improve his pool skills in the game’s practice arena.

8 Ball Pool [Sports]
Tic Tac Toe Free

[Board game] A digitized Tic Tac Toe game that supports one and two player gameplay. Its bot gameplay includes 3 difficulty levels and you can also play against a friend using either two player or network play mode. Its network play mode lets you play against your Game Center friends or any random opponent of the network.

Tic Tac Toe Free [Board]
MetalStorm: Online

[Action] An advanced aircraft combat game that offers its users an action-packed gaming experience. It comes with multiple game modes, namely, campaign, versus and survival mode. The game features 360-degree jet experience and an option to fight with friends or random players. Also, you can take help from friends to complete difficult missions.

MetalStorm: Online [Action]
Real Basketball

[Sports] A basketball game that is very close to its real-life counterpart. Its realistic and addictive user interface avails a list of characters, basketball courts, balls and outfits, and offers multiple game modes to satisfy the gamer in you. The game can be played in single as well as multi player option to play alone or against your friends or random online opponents.

Real Basketball [Sports]
Asphalt 8: Airborne

[Racing] A popular car racing game with stunning graphics and superb controls. The game avails 5 unique game modes, showcases 140+ sports cars from popular brands and offers numerous customization options for building your own "dream car". Its multiplayer mode allows playing with up to 12 players comprised of your friends or random worldwide opponents.

Asphalt 8: Airborne [Racing]
>F.A.S.T.barFleet Air Superiority Tactics

[Action] An air combat game that gives the player a 360 degree angle, 3D experience with real-life controls of a jet fighter. Its multiplayer mode lets you play head-to-head with random enemies and win them using advanced weaponries like missiles, mini-guns, etc. The game integrates with Game Center to show your achievements as well as position in leaderboards.

F.A.S.T.barFleet Air Superiority Tactics! [Action]
Gun Bros

[Shooting] A shooting game that revolves around powerful guns, heavy armor and explosive power-ups. The game’s mission is to protect cosmos from a super-powered, evil fungus-like organization. It brings to you a multiplayer deathmatch game mode to play with friends or random opponents along with having a real-time voice chat with the players.

Gun Bros [Shooting]
Game Of War – Fire Age

[Strategy] An action-packed strategy game wherein the player fights for the domination of the Kingdom. You’re required to build and customize your empire, train your armies to defend your kingdom and participate in battles to win others. You can team up with friends and chat with alliances to make strategies and win wars for the domination.

Game Of War - Fire Age [Strategy]
Scrabble Free

[Board game] A word game that brings Scrabble to a whole new interesting level. The game offers multiple game modes to satisfy the gamer in you. You can play solo against its bot or challenge your FB friends or play against random opponents. Its Teacher feature helps you become a Scrabble master and the game even gives hints when you are out of words.

SCRABBLE Free [Board]
Pocket Tanks

[Arcade] A fun-filled 1-on-1 artillery game that’s all about fight between heavy-armed tanks. The game’s Target Practice mode helps you learn about the most destructive weapons and the best strategies to cause maximum damage. The game happens in a valley battlefield with pocket tanks and supports turn-based multiplayer over local WiFi or the Internet.

Pocket Tanks [Arcade]
Homerun Battle 3D

[Sports] An online, digitized baseball game with same real-time fun. Its head-to-head game lets you play and compete against random players from around the globe. The game’s baseball winners earn goldballs and make records and achievements. It allows you to play on multiple devices without losing your overall game progress.

Homerun Battle 3D [Sports]
Trigger Fist

[Shooting] A third-person shooting game for battle-hardened players. It’s all about winning team-based firefights in various unique environments and unlocking new weapons, skins and perks. The game offers 4 different multiplayer as well as single player modes and supports Game Center for playing and competing with friends and ranking up in the leaderboards.

Trigger Fist [Shooting]
Dungeon Hunter 4

[Action] An action-packed game to experience dungeon crawling. The game is about you protecting your kingdom from the terror of an extinct race called Demons. The player is gifted with superpowers and skills that he need to use against the enemies. You can have multiplayer action by playing in its COOP arena and battling in the game’s PVP mode.

Dungeon Hunter 4 [Action]
Order & Chaos Online

[RPG] An epic adventure game comprising of magical creatures and dark forests. The player can be part of any one of the five races and discover among thousands of skills and equipments to win over the enemies. You can make friends or enemies, communicate, trade, challenge and more, and enter PvP arena to play multiplayer and show your teamwork.

Order & Chaos Online [Adventure]
World of Tanks Blitz

[Action] A tank war game to experience the World War 2 battles. You can choose and own one of ~200 tanks and enhance the same with powerful upgrades to fight with your enemies in numerous unique battlefields. Its multiplayer feature, named Clan, include action-packed 7×7 tank battles along with in-game chat to intensify your experience.

World of Tanks Blitz [Action]
Pokémon GO

[Arcade] An augmented-reality game comprising magical creatures inspired from the anime series ‘Pokémon. The game revolves around the idea of roaming in the real world and finding new pokémons and catching them. You can train your own pokémons and make them fight battles against that of other players (here’s some tips and tricks to become a pokémaster).

Pokémon GO [Arcade]
GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

[Racing] A real-life like car racing game featuring top class cars with numerous customization options. Its highly detailed graphics and superb controls fill the game with fun. You can play a single or a multi-player game with your friends or random players and show off your driving talent in over 1400 racing events. You can even make teams to achieve common goals.

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience [Racing]

[Strategy] An action-packed game where magic fights with technology. The game asks you to make alliances and build strategies to win the battles. You can choose to be one of the 25+ heroes and join with friends to play various types of multiplayer sessions. Along with the progress, you need to level up your characters to unleash new powers and attacks.

Vainglory [Strategy]
Clash Royale

[Cards] A real-time cards game inspired from Clash of Clans. Here, you collect and upgrade cards featuring troops, spells, defenses and royales. The player gets to build his very own battle community and fight enemies to bring their clans down. If you’re not a team player, then you can also challenge your friends or clan members for a private duel.

Clash Royale [Cards]


Zen Pinball

[Arcade] A new era pinball game clubbed with table physics and featuring hit tables based on some of the biggest entertainment brands. It’s the same as the classical pinball game with dozens of tables, realistic 3D models and life-like ball physics. The game’s Hot Seat multiplayer session lets you challenge friends or random opponents to win achievements and top the leaderboards.

Zen Pinball [Arcade]

[Strategy] A location-based augmented-reality game where you need to roam around your own world to find traces of a new mysterious energy. You need to side with one of the Enlightened or the Resistance, and align yourself with others to advance the cause of your group. Along the gameplay, you can acquire helpful objects, win territories, communicate with others and more.

Ingress [Strategy]
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

[Cards] A strategic cards game where cunning wins over all. The game lets you collect powerful cards to do spells, call minions and seize control of battlefields. In the start, you can play solo against game-controlled heroes to learn the tactics and strategies. Its ultimate fun, however, lies in having 1-on-1 matches against other players to win amazing prizes.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft [Cards]