How to Send Multiple Photos on iOS Devices

Sharing photos on social networks like Facebook and Instagram are becoming so easy that you would prefer to share through those channels rather than send photos via text or emails. Via text, the norm is to spend images one at a time which is not only a waste of time but also not really cost-efficient. What about third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat? Nope, still one photo at a time, so far.

Granted you can share photos with follow iOS users via Photo Stream but both sides must have it for it to work. Well, here’s a quicktip on how you can send multiple photos at one go from your iOS device via text or email to a friend.

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Send Multiple Photos via Messages

To start, on your iPhone, tap on the ‘Photos’ icon and choose from which album you want to select your photos from.

access photo gallery and choose album

Then, tap on ‘Edit’ on the upper right corner. Select all the photos that you want to send by tapping on the photos. Selected photos will have a red check near the bottom right corner.

edit and select photo

At the bottom left corner of your screen, tap on Share. Then press Copy. By pressing copy, you have copied all of the photos you selected to the clipboard.

select photo and copy

Now, go back to your home screen and tap on Messages. Compose your message. On the space where you compose your message, press on it for 2 seconds and you will see a Paste bubble pop up. Press Paste to paste all your photos.

access messages and paste photos

Once your message is complete, press Send. It might take a while for the photos to be sent out.

sending imessage

To check if your message has been delivered, on the bottom part of the photos in your message, you will see ‘Delivered’ . Back in Inbox, you will see the number of images that you’ve sent, under the receiver’s name.

check delivery status

Send Multiple Photos via Email

Sending photos by email normally limits you to only 5 photos. With this tip, you can send as many as you want, limited only by email size.

To send multiple photos via Email, Instead of choosing ‘Messages’ as your medium to send, after you have copied the photos to clipboard, choose ‘Mail’. On the bottom right, tap on the compose email icon.

access email compose new mail

Fill in the needed details and press on the compose space for 2 seconds and you will see a ‘Paste’ bubble pop up. Press ‘Paste’ and you can see all the selected photos pasted on the compose space.

paste and send email

Finish composing your email, then press Send. You will be asked if you want to reduce your email size or keep it in Actual Size. Make your choice and the email will be sent.

choose size send email

You can use this trick to send multiples of photos not only on your iPhone, but on iPod Touch and iPad too.


There are some limitations that you should take note of:

  • This tip only works via Messages (MMS & iMessage) and Email.
  • If you are sending a multimedia message (MMS) you might be charge on a different rates than normal text message. This might happen if the receiver do not have iMessage feature or did not activate their iMessage feature.