How to Create Unique AI Art With Midjourney

People create art with the most extraordinary materials, be it yarn, food, or pencil shavings. Now you can add to this list AI-powered technology that can create artistic images. We’re talking about Midjourney, an AI-based image generator that uses machine learning to create images based on the user’s input.

To create an image with Midjourney, all you need is to give it a few keywords and watch the image get created right before your eyes.

Midjourney showcase

So, in this post, I’m going to walk you through the process of creating an AI-based image with Midjourney, where the only limit is your imagination.

Before we start…

Midjourney is based on Discord. This means you will need a Discord account. You can sign up for a free Discord account via their website or download the Discord app for:

Creating AI Art With Midjourney

Once your Discord account is set up, follow these steps to create your AI art with Midjourney.

  1. Go to Midjourney’s website, and select Join the beta.
  2. join midjourney beta
  3. This will open up the Discord app. Here, select Accept Invite.
  4. accept Midjourney invite
  5. As a new Beta user, you can be entitled to creating 25 AI images for free(which should suffice if you just want to experience it.) Do check out Midjourney’s pricing page if you want to create more.
  6. To create your first AI image, go into one of the Newcomer Rooms. These room names usually start with the prefix of newbies-XX. If you are on the Discord mobile app, click the hamburger menu on the top left to see the list of rooms.
  7. newbies room
  8. While in the room, go down to the text box. Enter /imagine, select Prompt (press Space, and it will show up), add some keywords separated by comma, then select the send icon.
  9. prompt
  10. Four images based on your keywords will then be created, along with its progress, in percentage.
  11. 4 images created
  12. When they are done, this is what you will see. At the bottom of these images, there are several buttons/options you can follow up with. (U/Upscale lets you create a larger version of any of the images, V/Variation that lets you create new variations of the image that you select, and the Refresh button will re-create four new images based on your keywords.)
  13. four images done

If you just want to get the hang of how Midjourney works, this is it. But if you want to download any one (or all) of the generated image, follow on.

Say I want to download image 4 in its highest quality, I would then upscale it by selecting U4. And then, you will see the upscaling of image 4 in a new dialogue, together with its progress.

upscale image 4

Once upscaling is done, select Upscale to Max, then select the image and select the download icon to download the image in high-res.

update to max

That’s it. Now go wild with your imagination. You can also go to the showcase to get a good dose of inspiration.

Additionally, you can hover over the image to see the keywords used, which may be useful in helping you create your next image.

keywords used