Weird And Unusual USB Products

We’ve previously posted an article – 50+ weirdest USB Flash Drives ever and this time we’d like to something more weird and wacky, but still useful USB gadgets.

Without further ado, here’s ten unusual and cool USB gadgets you probably haven’t seen before. Full list after jump.

USB Paper Shredder
It shreds your confidential documents, notes, business cards easily on the go.

USB Solar Charger
It is convenient for you to take along with when you are out on business, on travel, on a long journey on bus or ship, etc.

USB Stylus Pen
This USB Stylus Pen combines a ball point pen with a PDA stylus and a 128MB USB flash drive, in a stylishly minimalist device.

LaCie Hub
Experience the art of connectivity with this fun, stylish USB & FireWire combination hub for your PC or Mac.

USB Air-Conditioned Shirt
Feeling hot?

USB Butt Cooler
The USB butt cooler goes onto your chair, over the cushion, and flows "cool" air onto your arse via the onboard fan.

USB Blender
USB Blender alarm clock is a unique blend of eye-pleasing retro-style, high tech functionality, and pureed whimsy.

USB Posture Monitor
Toot! toot! toot! You are too close. Please back off.

USB Heated Gloves
Keeping your hands warm while blogging?

USB Disco Ball
Time to get those feet moving under your desk with this Office Mirror Ball! Liven up your Monday mornings, or begin the weekend early. You won’t know if you’re in the office, or a disco!