10 Security Gadgets That’ll Make You Feel Safer at Home

A smart home requires smart protection. In an effort to attain modern-day home security, manufacturers are pushing the bar higher by making their home-monitoring devices smarter and more powerful. Rather than splurge an insane amount of money on CCTV systems that require expertise to install, why not check out these affordable alternatives instead?

In this list, we have smart locks that can be unlocked with a smartphone app for easy access while assigning time-specific keys to guests, friends, tenants etc; smart devices with multiple sensors, high-resolution cameras; even devices that learn your daily routine so they can figure out what isn’t routine. Most of these devices will alert you of any intrusion and allow you in turn to alert authorities right from their app.

It’s a new age, and you need protection that can help safeguard your home and its residence no matter where you are.

9 Smart Gadgets and Devices for Your Home

9 Smart Gadgets and Devices for Your Home

Lately, more and more technologically advanced innovations are taking shape in handheld or mobile gadgets. Smartphones aren't the... Read more

ecobee SmartCamera

ecobee SmartCamera

Ecobee offers a smart indoor camera that helps you keep an eye on your family or pets while you’re away. It features a 180 degree field of view, a built-in smoke alarm, and auto pan and zoom capabilities. You can have access to 30-day video history and produces high definition footage in both light and dark environments.

One of its coolest features is the motion detection. The SmartCamera detects as soon as a person enters the frame and keeps moving along his/her movements. Additionally, it sends you notification on your smartphone in case of smoke detection or when there’s an unwanted movement in the house.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren

Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren

Netatmo is a smart alarm that notifies you if any unusual activity takes place in your house. It is an intelligent and intuitive alarm system that actives and deactivates itself automatically so you don’t have to worry about arming and disarming the alarm every time you leave the house or return.

It’s really easy to set up the alarm – just install the Netatmo Security app in your phone and place the Smart Siren anywhere in the house and watch it in action. It comes with some pre-recorded noises to make it sound like someone’s home and even alerts you if someone tries to disable it.

Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera

Xiaomi Mi 360

This Mi 360° indoor security camera offers a full home protection with so many wonderful features. With a dual motor head that rotates 360°, the camera gives you an all-round vision of the room it’s placed in and doesn’t even make any sound while rotating.

Some of its other interesting features include motion detection to alert you about any intruder, infrared night vision to capture footage in dark environments, and you can seamlessly stream the security video in full HD. The camera is supported by Alexa and Google Assistant.

August Smart Lock


With August you can now turn any iOS/Android smartphone or Apple Watch into a virtual key to your home. It auto-locks the door behind you, no more fumbling with your keys.

All usage of assigned virtual keys are logged into the system so you can track who comes and goes, identifiable by their individual keys. August also allows you to grant time-sensitive access to friends or guests.



Novi may look like a smoke detector (and that’s because it is one) but it has three more features that makes it a solid home security gadget. It has a motion sensor, a 170 degree HD camera recording in real-time and a 90dB siren for when you need to scare away an intruder.

The Novi app informs you via your smartphone if something is wrong.

Wireless Hidden Camera


It is a motion activated camera that sends push alerts to your phone. It featrures No-Glow IR Night Vision, 150° wide angle vision, SD Card recording that keeps recording while charging, and is iOS and Android compatible.

With Wifi connectivity to room’s 2.4GHz router, you can watch live video feed or playbacks no matter where you are by accessing its mobile app.



Unlike other keylock mechanisms, Haven is a lock that is placed at the bottom of the door, providing a sturdy obstacle to prevent unwanted entry. Haven is made with steel and glass-reinforced nylon and aluminum.

It comes with a Bluetooth-enabled key fob which you can press to lock or unlock Haven. It can be integrated with your other Smart Home gadgets.

August Smart Lock

Friday Lock

Looking for a stylish and less-imposing smart lock? August works on top of your existing lock so you can still use your keys. You can also issue e-keys over WiFi for temporary passage to friends or guests.

Any entry will trigger a notification and you can check the locked status at any time through your phone.



Kevo is a Bluetooth-enabled electronic deadbolt that is available in many retail stores and can be bought online as well. A Kevo can be unlocked with a tap with your smartphone (with the Kevo app) or the Kevo Fob.

You can also give temporary access to friends with an eKey. Kevo also works with Nest, allowing you to set your home temperature accordingly.

Canary Pro


Any movement detected in Canary’s night vision mode with infrared LED triggers a notification, and allows you to call authorities easily with the app. Its high-quality recordings (great for securing convictions), can be streamed in real-time and stored up to 30 days in the cloud.

It also comes with a siren you can sound to scare away intruders.