20 Cheap Mechanical Keyboards That Won’t Break The Bank

Mechanical keyboards are in general, much better in terms of quality compared to standard membrane PC keyboards. They provide better tactile feedback when typed, are more durable as they last almost 50 times longer compared to any regular keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards can be expensive; a good one can easily cost you more than few hundreds. If you are looking to own one but are tight on budget, check out this post of 20 cheap mechanical keyboards you can buy without having to spend much.

#1 – Keychron K8 ($94)
Keychron K8

Keychron K8 is a beautiful 87-key mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight Geteron switches. Made with a sturdy CNC processed aluminum frame, it offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity and a unique Mac layout.

You can connect upto 3 devices with the keyboard and switch among them easily. It also comes with all essential multimedia keys as well as extra keycaps for both Windows and macOS.

The most interesting thing about the K8 is the Gaeton Brown switch that offers amazing tactile response with a long lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. It also has a huge battery that lasts up to 200 hours.

#2 – Redragon K552 ($32)
Redragon K552

Redragon K553 KUMARA offers a great combination of functionality and durability. The mechanical switches are equivalent to Cherry Green switches, and there is a red LED backlight. The build is very sturdy with metal and ABS construction.

Apart from the standard keys, there are 12 extra multimedia keys and support for Fn key. K553 KUMARA is a long keyboard weighing 2.2 pounds and is splash resistant to endure small accidents (should not be confused with being “waterproof”).

#3 – STPLAYER Firerose ($69.5)

A highly customizable mechanical keyboard, Firerose comes with a dedicated keycap remover to let you easily remove keys and replace them if needed, therefore, making it more customizable and long lasting. It does have a LED backlight, but it is only limited to 3 colors and you can only control light intensity.

The mechanical switches are Outemu blue, so they are bit loud similar Hcman mechanical keyboard. Best of all, it is waterproof with IPX7 rating resistance. Even if you accidentally drop it in water, there is a good chance it will be able to survive.

#4 – Velocifire TKL01 ($36)
Velocifire TKL01

Velocifire TLK01 focuses more on the simpler side of mechanical keyboards, but it is still highly functional. The keyboard has a single greenish LED backlight with up to 5 modes like tetris, gradual and breathing, etc.

The cool thing about it is its Zorro Brown switches that offer great tactile feedback, with quiet key sound and faster key registration. If you want a mechanical keyboard that is simple and quiet while still offering great tactile feedback.

#5 – MechanicalEagle Z-77 ($33)
MechanicalEagle Z-77

Another durable mechanical keyboard with metal finishing and ABS construction. The keyboard is just as durable as K552 KUMARA, but for a cheaper price. However, the switches are quite loud when pressed.

MechanicalEagle Z-77 comes with a key remover to remove keys and switches for easy replacement. As it’s sturdy, it’s also a bit heavy weighing approximately 2.4 pounds.

#6 – Qisan ($70)

A very nice and small mechanical keyboard with only 68 keys. Even with just 68 keys, it still supports arrow keys and Insert, Home, and Page Up/Down keys. Amazingly, this cheap keyboard uses original Cherry MX switches with both Blue and Brown switches available for the same price. Usually, it’s hard to get a good original Cherry MX keyboard for less than $100.

It does have a beautiful LED light, but it’s only in white color. The keyboard weighs only 1.3 pounds and has a very compact design, perfect for taking it with you everywhere.

#7 – Corsair K66 ($117)
 Corsair K66

If you are looking for a full-size mechanical keyboard that comes with original Cherry MX switches, then this is the one. To be honest, there is nothing fancy about this keyboard. There is no backlight, it’s not intended to switch keycaps (it’s possible, though), and it’s not splash proof.

Although you do get dedicated multimedia buttons and Corsair CUR program lets you easily program keys to your liking. The keyboard uses Cherry MX Red switches that are very quiet but offer reliable tactile feedback.

#8 – EagleTec KG010 ($50)
EagleTec KG010

A very cheap RGB LED backlight supported keyboard that is beautiful and full size. You’ll get full keys with this keyboard, including the numpad. Each key has individual LED light and you can customize the backlight in whatever color you like. The keyboard is quite sturdy, using aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS construction.

It uses Outemu Blue switches, so expect some loud typing. Furthermore, It supports all the required multimedia keys, and you can easily switch between WASD and the arrow keys.

#9 – EagleTec KG011 ($46)
EagleTec KG011

Eagletech KG011 is an LED backlit mechanical keyboard with crisp, precise, and tactile feedback. It has backlit keys that can be adjusted to 9 different brightness levels. It is a full size keyboard with all 104 keys conflict free.

Made with aircraft-grade aluminum body and plate-mounted mechanical keys, the keyboard features ergonomic spill-proof design with tough switches and keys that can withstand intense typing as well as gaming. The keyboard is compatible with all computer brands and gaming PCs.

#10 – MechanicalEagle Z-88 ($50)
MechanicalEagle Z-88

Granvela Eagle Z88 is a premium mechanical keyboard for gaming or everyday use. It’s a full length keyboard with backlit keys that you can customize to any color and to 9 different levels of brightness. It enables you to easily replace the switches and comes with 5 pieces of extra switches and a puller tool.

The keyboard offers a truly ergonomic design with stepped keycap that makes it comfortable to use. Moreover, it features blue switches with a perfect tactile bump and audible click that you’ll love to type on.

#11 – Drevo Tyrfing ($45)
Drevo Tyrfing

Here is a compact 87-keys mechanical gaming keyboard. It offers RGB backlit with thousands of customizable colors and 14 different brightness modes. Though small in size, it is, nevertheless quite comfortable to use. Additionally, it has aluminum alloy panel, high-quality nylon USB cable, ABS keycaps, and anti-slip rubber feet.

#12 – Azio MGK1-K ($60)
Azio MGK1-K

Azio Hue Red is a really cool keyboard with a sleek and vibrant aluminum faceplate. It is a full-length keyboard with white backlit keys and full N-key Rollover through USB. There are 5 programable macro keys and quick access hot keys. As for the keys, they are tactile and non-clicky and much fun to type with.

#13 – Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX ($80)
Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX

Tt eSports Poseidon Z is a Tt-certified blue switch keyboard with a beautiful and ergonomic design. It has a fully backlit function with 4 levels of adjustable brightness and quick-response mechanical switches. Build for speed and durability, the keys offer pronounced tactile feel and a crisp click sound.

#14 – Aula Mechanical Demon King ($50)
Aula Mechanical Demon King

Aula Demon King is a sturdy mechanical keyboard ideal for gaming but you can use it for regular office work as well. It offers crisp key click, pronounced tactile feedback, and 60-million keystrokes. It features, lock / unlock windows key, ergonomic design, and common shortcut function through Fn key.

#15 – Magicforce ($40)

Here’s Magicforce, a mini keyboard with 68 keys and a compact design that makes it easy to carry around. It has a perfectly ergonomic design and mechanical OUTEMU switches. The keyboard features silver brushed metal plate, non-slip rubber pads, and removable USB cable.

#16 – Rosewill RK-9000V2 ($83)
Rosewill RK-9000V2

Rosewill mechanical keyboard features cherry MX switches that produce fast and precise response with tactile feedback. It is a gaming-grade full-length keyboard with all the multimedia and shortcut keys. It has gold-plated USB and PS2 connector, N-key Rollover function, and 50-million clicks lifecycle.

#17 – Corsair Strafe ($175)
Corsair Strafe

Corsair Strafe is a mechanical keyboard with RGB backlit keys that produce dynamic lighting with many ways for customization. It comes with dedicated multimedia and volume controls, macro programming, CORSAIR peripherals, fans, and wrist support.

#18 – Logitech G710 ($260)
Logitech G710

Logitech G710 is a feature-rich mechanical keyboard that comes with tactile keys and customizable dual zone backlit function. It also has 6 programmable G-keys that can be configured to up to 18 unique functions. For gaming, the keyboard offers 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26-key rollover for better control.

#19 – Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB ($145)
Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB

Corsair Vengeance is a mechanical keyboard made for power gamers. It features Cherry MX speed switches, customizable dynamic lighting, double shot keycaps, 8MB profile storage, cooler fans, and a great performance that’ll enhance your gaming experience.