Top 10 iPad Stands You Can Buy

The iPad is perfect for use on the go. It’s lightweight, fits in your hands and packs some powerful software to work anywhere you please with a data or Wi-fi connection. That is, until you are tired of using your lap as a stand for it. Let’s face it, if you’re going to work hours on end on the iPad, you need a good and sturdy stand your iPad can sit on securely. And that’s what we did for you.

When selecting this list of iPad stands, we’d taken into account the angle the stand can provide, if it can work on both landscape and portrait orientations, the looks, the durability and how portable the stand is (there is no point to get a stand that can’t be taken where the iPad can go).

We’ve found the top 10 iPad Stands you can get for your iPad. The list is made up of suggestions that will give you optimum working comfort without sacrificing looks or stability. As usual, if you have additions you would like to suggest to our readers, sound off at the comments section.

Happy iPad-Stand hunting!


Nest is a simple and versatile stand for your iPad. With Nest, you can securely place your iPad in two different angles.

Built for multipurpose use, Nest comes in 6 colors for your selection, is suitable for almost all kinds of tablets, or when you’re not using it for your tablet, to place your keys or even your smartphone.



Weighing in at only 10 grams, PadFoot is made strong to hold your iPad. With its minimalistic design, Padfoot clips to the corner of your iPad and can hold it in both landscape and portrait mode.

Great for viewing movies and slideshows, also a smart choice for mobility.



BookArc is an elegant tabletop for your iPad in both portrait and landscape mode. In either mode, you always have access to the charging port.

BookArc will stand your iPad in four different positions, and functions like a mini workstation when combine with a wireless keyboard.



Prizm is a two-piece high quality aluminum stand that fits perfectly on your iPad. With Prizm, you can easily disassemble the stand forstoring to save space when not using it. Another good choice for mobility reasons.



Compass is a stylish and compact folding stand for your iPad. Folding down the stand will let you sit your iPad at a lower angle for a comfortable typing experience.

Compass is available in three colors, can be folded to the size of a candy bar.



Cradle is a twistable iPad lap desk, allows you to fix your iPad on its top, or twist its angle to work comfortably while lounging or on a couch.

Built lightweight with a minimalist bent design, Cradle can sit nicely on your lap.

(Price, quantity and features subject to change during production process.)


Magnus is a simple yet elegant stand that uses a strong magnetic links to hold your iPad. This allows Magnus to avoid using the front support to hold your iPad device securely. You would barely notice that it’s there.

Magnus is a hand-crafted stand which stands beautifully anywhere you place it.


Stabile 2.0

Like your iMac stand? Then you would probably like Stabile 2.0, a rock solid artistic yet stable stand for your iPad. Made of solid steel, Stabile 2.0 comes in silver and black and offers many great features.

This stand has a low and user-focused center gravity, and it surely looks great next to your iMac.


Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop is an iPad stand that could accommodate all uses on many types of surfaces. This stand can be easily bent to any shape to meet your needs while still having the same strength to hold your iPad.

Infinite Loop comes with suction caps and adjustable side clips so it can easily fit your iPad, or even your iPhone.

(To be available soon)

Curve Stand

Curve Stand has a unique design, which stands out among the rest as it sits boldly on a flat surface to hold your iPad.

This stylish iPad stand is also a handcrafted product, to ensure quality. It also has a perfect mirror finish on its surface.


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