5 Ways to Make Passive Income For Freelance Designers

Each day, more and more freelancer designers are looking for a way to earn more money than the usual client work or full-time position they have. In the following article we will discuss a lot of ways how you can earn more from being a freelance designer. The one true weapon a freelancer has is total freedom on how to manage their time and work. That can be put to good use to diversify the income streams. There is more than one way to make a buck on the Internet.... Continue reading

10 New & Fresh iPhone Photography Apps

The iPhone is one of the many smartphones in the market which has a good stock camera built in it. However, the stock camera app has limited features, so users may need to depend on third party apps to get better end products from the iPhone camera. The... Continue reading

13 Ways To Raise Your Mobile Content Game

We recently analyzed data from more than 200 million visitors to our eCommerce customers’ sites, and found that 27% of site visits came from people shopping on smartphones and tablets. For some countries, such as Brazil, nearly half of all eCommerce traffic came through mobile devices. It’s now... Continue reading

Welcoming 2013: 60 Unique Calendar Designs

Getting sick of those typical kitten calendars you get from your friends or relatives for Christmas? Hoping to start the new year with something extraordinary or exceptional? Well, we deserve stunning calendars for surviving doomsday. For a start, we can all begin by getting an exceptional calendar for... Continue reading

Illustration in Web Design: 30 Inspirational Examples

There are many ways for giving a website a unique look, but none is more effective than creating some awesome illustrated elements for it. Illustrations can give a lot of personality to the layout of your website, provided that you know how to use them properly. It doesn't matter if it's a completely illustrated background, a sketched font or a hand drawn icon, it will provide your design with a unique feel as long as your approach towards inserting these elements in your design is correct.... Continue reading