A Look Into: Evolution Of Greeting Card Designs

Greeting cards have been around for hundreds of years dating back to ancient China and Egypt. It’s how human express their sense of thankfulness and appreciation, even until this era of technology when people are still sending the greeting cards, just with more options like sending what’s so... Continue reading

5 Tips to Better Brand Names

A crucial element of any business is the creation of a brand name by which people could identify the service or product it provides. It’s also one of the very first things you have to think about, and it’s something that will be stuck with your business for... Continue reading

Showcase of Beautiful WordPress-Powered Websites

WordPress has stepped into its 9th years of being the content management system that most website owners love, and its design has since been evolved from really simple piece into extremely impressive work with all kinds of unique styles implemented. Sensing that most designers nowadays prefer more to... Continue reading