20 Top Content Curation Tools for Marketers

Every day, you can find unique content on the Web. Due to the multitudes of websites cropping up all over the online world, “information overload” is something we all seem to suffer from. It is easy to feel lost while searching for a particular piece of information you need, especially if you’re looking for a specific subject.

Hence, designers, web developers, and the like are racing to develop ways to present their bits of information so that users like you and me do not waste unnecessary time combing through irrelevant material. That’s where new curation tools come in. These tools help to filter out and compile online content in an easy-to-peruse way.

What Content Curation Means?

Content curation compiles the cream of the crop of the information you seek, be it in the form of audio, video, articles, or more.

Fundamentally, content curation goes through the various online contents, filters it, and then presents it in a way that is easy to read based on the specific subject(s) you are looking for. The content curator’s role in this sense is to provide the best content possible via the best form of exposure.

How Content Curation Tools Work?

Content curation tools allow normal home users and professionals alike to quickly and efficiently group content such as blog posts, status updates, presentations, articles, tweets, and other multimedia content into a compilation. These are then easily shared online with friends and family.

Of course, in every computer-related application or software, this tool ranges from easy-to-use discovery engines to more complicated ones that exist as business solutions to companies.

Each tool below is unique in its way. We are sure that regardless of whether you are just a home user looking for a free yet useful tool or a professional whose time is precious and who is willing to pay for a more powerful one, you will find what you need in our list below. Here are some of the best content curation tools you should know.

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1. Flipboard


An intuitive content curation tool, Flipboard collects news articles, videos, images, social media updates, and shared links according to your personal interests from all around the web and delivers it to you in the form of a customized smart magazine.

Flipboard offers a minimal interface that’s easy to navigate and the feature to read the content offline. The app has a partnership with major content publishers and is available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? No

2. Pocket


Pocket has gained much popularity among users mainly due to its many features. Whenever you come across an interesting article or news piece, you can curate it in your pocket as a read-it-later list that you even read offline. Available for iOS, Android, Mac, different eReaders, and the web, Pocket offers a distraction-free reader experience to its users.

Additionally, it offers features like reading time estimates, highlighting while reading, discovering more articles on the basis of your interests, sharing articles with your friends, arranging articles through tags, browser extensions, and even listening to articles.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, £3.95/month

3. Elink


An interactive content curation tool, elink allows you to curate everything from web pages, email newsletters, social media bio links, bookmarks, and web pages etc. Also, as a content creator you can easily share and publish interesting content through this app.

One of the best things about elink is the ease of use with many templates and ready-made layouts for quick publishing with speed and flexibility. Also, you can embed its widget on your website and automate the content creation process to save time and even collaborate with your team on content researching, building, and sharing.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $12/month

4. Scoop It


A cloud-based content curation and management tool, Scoop.it offers you to research and save content from social media and the web according to your interests. You can then edit and publish this content on different platforms and share it with your network.

With Scoop.it, you can mold your curated content as newsletter through pre-made templates so you can share it with your team, fans, or followers. Moreover, it offers solutions like knowledge sharing, personal branding, content distribution, content hubs and content API.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $14.99/month

5. Feedly


Feedly is a feather-light and simplistic RSS reader and content curator tool that brings interest-related news feed right to your browser through Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions or to your Android and iOS mobile app.

The best thing about Feedly is that it offers an AI assistant whom you can train to help you filter your feeds and take out the clutter. Also, the app leverages Facebook and Twitter to display links shared in your feed and allows you to craft messages to post on theses platforms. Though you do need Google account to login to the app.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $6/month

6. BuzzSumo


Not purely a content curator tool, BuzzSumo is actually a content analyzing and marketing tool to help you produce high quality content and monitor its performance. It helps you understand what your competitors are doing, what will work for you to make your content stand out.

BuzzSumo’s content research feature is an interesting one that allows you to take out popular content against certain keywords or topics. With this tool, you can easily stay on top of trending topics and it even helps you find the best influencers for your brand. For new users it also provides usage guide and pos-ups at each step.

  • Is tool free? Yes (30 days trial)
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $99/month

7. ContentGems


ContentGems is a content discovery engine that allows you to discover relevant and timely content. It’s a boon for content creators who want to find the best content out there and keep sharing and publishing it regularly.

With a user-friendly interface, ContentGems gives you precise results through advanced filters by scanning thousands of articles from top news sources. You can share this content on your social media accounts, website, with your team as market intelligence, and with your customers as email newsletters.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $10/month

8. Quuu


Quuu is a content curation service that helps your dig out the best stuff on the internet on your specified themes so you can use it in your social media campaigns. The content that they curate is hand-picked by a team of experts so you can share quality content with your followers.

What I liked the most is Quuu’s automated system through which it discovers content on the basis of the criteria that you feed it and them publishes it automatically or after your manual approval. You can even connect your own scheduler with it to do the publishing.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $19/month

9. Instapaper


A truly minimal read-it-later app, Instapaper is highly focuses on giving you a distraction-free reading experience. It is cross-platform (Android, iOS, and the web) and the saved content can be accessed on multiple devices simultaneously.

Some of Instapaper’s best features are typographical options giving you a number of fonts to choose from (even a font for people with Dyslexia) that you can also scale up or down, background color options, different screen modes, different patterns to organize the saved articles, and even an option to create notes on your readings.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, $2.99/month

10. UpContent


Upcontent is a service that enables you to source relevant and interesting content for bloggers, social media marketers, start business owners to establish a solid connection with their audience. It empowers your content marketing strategy by automatically discovering and distributing useful content for your followers, users, or potential customers.

The tool integrates with HootSuite and other media scheduling platforms to automate the posting of curated content. It is quite easy to use with an efficient customer service to help you through any obstacles and you can also organize the curated material in different categories.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $13.50/month

11. Nuzzle


(Nuzzle has been discontinued.)

Nuzzle is a powerful tool to aggregate content that your friends (or friends of friends) share on social media sites – Twitter and Facebook – and presents it to you as an easy-to-read stream. This way, you get highly filtered content right in your app minus all the clutter and distractions.

Through Nuzzle, you can also check if a certain link is shared by people and what are they saying about it. Another cool feature is that the tool can be customized to pick up news in a specific duration of the day or catch up with a news that you may have missed.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? No

12. Pinterest


Pinterest is already a famous tool for discovering and sharing pictures and images and in a similar way to curate visual content. It is a digital version of a scrapbook that you use to save all the things that interest you be it recipes, home decor ideas, DIY ideas, or fashion.

On Pinterest, you create boards according to the themes that you’re interested in. You can “pin” anything on these boards from around the web using the ‘Pin It’ button. There are secret boards to that are visible to only the people that you invite there. You can also send a pin to a friend who’s be interested in it.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? No

13. Huzzazz


Huzzaz is a content curation tool like Pinterest but unlike the later, Huzzaz allows you to curate videos based around your interests. You can use it to discover videos across multiple platforms and save them as a collection or showcase them on your website.

Huzzaz works in a way that it searches videos on YouTube and Vimeo and the selected items can be saved as a single video, as a collection, or be imported as a playlist of album. You can also customize the video player design for your curated media with different useful features and options.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, $9.00/month

14. Inoreader


If your Twitter and Facebook feeds are overwhelming with all the posts, tweets, and sharing, then Inoreader is the social feed detox that you need. It enables you to filter out content that’s blocking the quality material and offers the precise information that you need.

With a customizable interface, Inoereader offers ease-of-use along with research tool, intelligence briefing portal and social media filtration system. You set Rules to create work-flows and automate different tasks and even integrate certain rules together to create a system that keeps your news feed well-fed with quality content.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, $1.67/month

15. NetVibes


NetVibes is a service to aggregate content for your browser’s home page. You can use it to customize the news feed that shows up on your home page no matter which browser you’re using. You can add news, social media updates, and favorite websites all on one page.

The best thing about NetVibes is that it’s really easy to set up and offers a neat interface without showing any ads. Apart from news and social media updates, you can add other items like calendar, to-do list, emails, and other handy apps. You can also connect your smart device with it to sync data and control IoT devices.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, P.O.A

16. Paper.li


As the name says, Paper.li enables you to create a digital newspaper of your curated content as well as connecting with your team or friends. You can customize your paper and share articles that you receive with your followers or customer base.

The tool is partnered with famous news and media outlets to provide your timely and authentic content. It allows you to generate a personal web page according to your interests and keeps it updated with fresh content daily. You can also automate the publishing process and send email newsletters to your subscribers.

  • Is tool free? Yes (5 days trial)
  • Paid plans available? Yes, $12.99/month

17. The Tweeted Times


A real-time personalized digital newspaper, The Tweeted Times curates news and other content from your Twitter account on the basis of its popularity among your Twitter friends. The news that you receive in the tool keeps updating on hourly basis so never miss out on anything.

The Tweeted Times allows you to apply filters according to the topics of your interest. For content marketers the tool offers a great opportunity to share niche content through automated processes so your audience can be informed about the latest happenings in the field.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? Yes, $15/month

18. Social Animal


Posting relevant content is what builds a strong connection with your audience and this is where Social Animal comes into play. It enables you to curate the most relevant content through deep research and by using a number of filters to narrow the search down.

On Social Animal, you start by choose among different topics for the articles, or you can simply enter the relevant keyword. It also shows you engagement stats for each social media platform allowing you to find the content that people share the most in your niche. You can even compare different articles and posts against each other to check their respective performances.

  • Is tool free? Yes (14 days trial)
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $41.00/month

19. ContentStudio


More than a media curator tool, ContentStudio is a social media management and content marketing platform for discovering, planning, and publishing content from around the web. It is an ideal tool for publishers, brands, and startup entrepreneurs who are always on the lookout for fresh content to be shared with their audience.

ContentStudio also allows you to automate the process of content research and publishing. Moreover, you can leverage its editorial calendar to plan your publications and there’s also a feature that lets you measure the performance of your postings across different channels.

  • Is tool free? Yes (14 days trial)
  • Paid plans available? Yes, Starts from $49/month

20. Refind


Refind is an intuitive content curation service that smoothes out the process of finding all the best material on the web that you’re interested in. It filters out the things shared by the people you follow on Facebook and Twitter and scans over thousands of other sources to create a customized magazine for you.

The tool doesn’t overwhelms you with too much information and takes out only ten links per day for you to go through – and on weekends, it goes even easier on your reading list. Interestingly, it offers reading recommendations from your read-later list and helps you organize your saved links into different categories.

  • Is tool free? Yes
  • Paid plans available? No