16 Funny Apple Products You Can Only Imagine

With all the craze over Apple’s latest merchandises, fans still haven’t had enough of coming up with the new i-This and i-That. True, some of them have really conceived of wonderful and innovative ideas, but there are still some wacky and impractical ones which are, well, so ‘creative’ that we should give them credits.

They probably meant it as a joke, but who knows if their idea might actually takes flight one day and generate revenues in the millions? After all, men went against the common logic of gravity before inventing the first airplane a century ago.

We’ve scouted for numerous ‘potential’ Apple products created by fans and anti-fans and picked out some of the most unthinkable concepts that perhaps don’t make sense in the present day.

Whether they truly have the potential to be developed or not, it’s up to you to judge. In the meantime, be prepared to be amazed and intrigued by the list!


What if you have a fridge that looks like your iPod? You have a simple black-and-white menu on the door that allows you to adjust the fridge’s thermostat and other settings to keep your food fresh and cold.

Not forgetting that you can play your favourite tunes in your playlist, probably using the giant fridge as your speakers cum sub-woofer. Hey, maybe this isn’t a bad idea after all.

funny apple products

This is a good example of how unnecessary complexity can be added into an easy-to-use product like your toilet.

Like using an apple computer, the user has to drag items which he wants to delete into the waste disposal area, and confirms the deletion.

Similarly, the unclogging procedure is series of steps made complicated using Apple computers’ troubleshooting solutions. Of course, this anti-fan spoof was simply made to mock at Apple’s fanatics who buy anything Apple sells.


You can put your mind at ease with this device when you’re walking alone through dark alleys. This is a 800,000-volt stun gun that includes a built-in GPS tracker that informs the local law enforcement of your wherabouts should you be in danger.

It is even ergonomically designed to include a single flat face, such that the baton will not roll away should you dropped it accidentally in the midst of an assault. Trust me, no one will mess with you if you’re holding this beast.

funny apple products

iEye is the implantation of a digital camera into your eye socket. Your eyesight get augmented with 20 times higher resolution than the average human eye, and you to get to magnify your vision up to 12 times.

On top of that, you get to record visual data into a built-in hard drive, which can be shared with others and playback at your own request. Cool if you don’t mind being a cyborg.

funny apple products

Want to show off the good connectivity of your iPhone? Plug in MegaBar, the super-sized signal bars for iPhone. No, it doesn’t improve your connectivity at all. It’s only meant to be seen, by you and your friends. That’s it.

funny apple products

You’ll love this if you are a hardcore superfan of Apple. Even everyday necessities like water can be marketed effectively to the millions of Apple fans out there. Drink up!

funny apple products
Magic Footpad

A sequel to the Magic Trackpad, Magic Footpad literally takes a step into the future. Now you can use your toes to execute those commands while your fingers handle the rest of your tasks.

Better still, you can combine using both the trackpad and footpad to maximize the number of commands you can make with all your toes and fingers. But the fact is your feets and toes aren’t able to move as delicately and precisely as your fingers, so this probably won’t work out.

funny apple products

Having reception problems for your iPhone? It’s all going to be history with this mini satellite dish attached to your iPhone. It’s a definite five-bar reception everywhere you go.

I certainly hope iPhone’s reception isn’t this bad to resort to such extreme measure though.

funny apple products

Remember the reception woes iPhone 4 faced when it was first launched? Apparently, there is a right way to hold your iPhone. So, instead of having to learn how to hold it properly all the time, users can purchase iHand and be assured that the phone is held in a manner that will receive the best reception.

Of course, with everyone’s obsession to personalize every of their Apple products, iHand comes in different skin colors as well.

funny apple products

Apple has made another revolution in computer technology with its release of the world’s smallest computer, the Mactini. One-inch long and with only a single key, users have to learn the sequencing of tapping the key to type the exact letter they want.

The spoof is made to poke fun at the industry’s preoccupation to make every technology small, and perhaps, ineffective as a result.


Do you love Apple products so much that you’ll get this Apple-logo tennis racket? God knows where the ball will fly.

funny apple products

This analog pocket watch seems like a walk in the memory lane where technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. If you look carefully though, this watch, or iWatch, has all kinds of hi-tech functions like a 160GB Harddrive, bluetooth, video and audio playback.

While its capabilities are over-the-top, one wonders how one is able to tap into these functions on such a small piece of ‘antique’ you carry around in your pocket.

funny apple products

Like iToilet, this device deals with your waste. Designed like an iPod, the iPottie probably allows you to play your favourite music while you do your business.

Oh, it can even read the papers for you so you’ll keep up with the current affairs while you i(poop).

funny apple products

Although this exists only as a fake gift box as a prank, curiosity will make you imagine how it’d be like if only it’s real. Attaching iArm to your arms enable you to hold all sorts of things ranging from your tablet PCs to your dinner plates.

You can even mount three things at one go! How convenient. Your arms will probably get its much needed workout too. Just try not to swing your arms and hit your iPad against the wall.

iCarta (iPod stero dock and bath tissue holder)

This item on the list is actually available on sale. Don’t believe it? Check out the link. Once you purchase this, you can dock your iPod or iPhone into this bath tissue holder, play your music in high quality sound while you defecate.

I’m sure you’ll love this if you can’t take one minute without your favourite tunes playing by your side.

funny apple products
White Apple Tablets

One wonders what these tablets will do for you. Well, knowing Apple’s tagline of ‘think differently’, I suppose these will boost your creativity or something. Warning: An overdose might cause some form of paranoia due to ‘over-thinking’.