Watch Videos In Smooth Playback With Smooth Video Project [Windows]

Do you notice that videos watched on high-end TVs, seems smoother, clearer and more "fluid"? In a fast action scene we can barely see what is going on because most videos are projected at 24 frames per second. "Frame Interpolation" technology helps generate intermediate animation in between frames to produce a smooth motion; hence during a fast-moving scene, the video will not look blurry.

30fps60fps (Image Source: Bo Allen)

Now thanks to Smooth Video Project, you can get the same experience from watching videos right on your PC. All you need is a mid-range CPU and almost any GPU hardware to enjoy the full experience.

Note: Smooth Video Project only runs on 32-bit version of Windows.

Getting Smooth Video Project

Grab Smooth Video Project installer here and proceed with the default installation.

Default Installation

Once done, run SVP Manager and it should appear in the taskbar tray area.

SVP Manager System Tray

Next, look for MPC-HC in SVP folder in your program files. Run MPC-HC.exe

Media Player Classic

Drag the video that you want to watch into MPC-HC player. Once the video is played, it will automatically run at your monitor’s maximum refresh rate.

Configuration settings

To optimize for the best playback experience, some settings are better dealt with manually. The following profile settings should work properly for standard computers but for the best experience, it is better to test out the settings one by one until you find whichever setting is the best setup for your computer.

Look for the "Active profile settings" by right clicking SVP Manager on the system tray, click on Video profile and choose your resolution from the list. Once you have your settings, make sure to have the same settings in all active profile settings too.

Active Profile Settings

If the default SVP settings doesn’t work out well for you, right click SVP Manager in system tray, go to Video profiles then click on Reset to defaults and you will be prompted with predefined profiles sets. Note that you will lose all previous settings that you made in Active profile setting.

Reset to Defaults

In here you have to pick the item that best describes your system. Then press OK.

Choose Profile Sets

Bonus: Watching Smooth YouTube Videos

You can also use this with YouTube videos. Open SVPTube from Start Menu and right click it in the system tray. Go to Preferred resolution and choose the resolution you want.

Choose Preferred Resolution

Next open any YouTube video in browser then copy the address link.

Copy YouTube Link

The video will automatically play in your desktop video player.

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