How to Save Video Files Played on Browser

[Windows only] You have just played a video on your browser, streaming from a website like Youtube and was wondering how to save the video file on your computer. Unless there’s a save button on the video, you need to find a video downloader which would cost you double the bandwidth usage.

There are many video downloaders out there available as extensions to your browsers, you can simply download a video on any website by providing the video link, or by clicking on an extension download button that would appear somewhere on your browser.

What we are going to share in this article however is a different approach. Instead of first view, then download which doubles your bandwidth usage), VideoCacheView allows you to simply view any video on the Web then save it to your computer right away. What VideoCacheView does is collect all the video files from your browser cache folder and list them in an application window so you can access and save them without having to play it back from the Web.

Save Video Files From Cache Folder

To start saving videos you play on the web, go to the VideoCacheView website and scroll down until you see the download link, download the zip file to your Desktop for easier access or anywhere within your computer. The file unzipped should look like this:

VideoCacheView icon

Now play any video on the web, or if you have not cleared your browser cache since the last time you viewed a video, you can then open the VideoCacheView application. Click ‘Run’ to run the application.

Run app

When you run the application, you will see a list of videos played on your browser, ignoring the name, highlight the video of choice and click the ‘play’ button to preview the video, and click the ‘Copy selected files to’ button to save the video file.


Once you decided to save the video file and click the save button, a popup window will appear. Select the location you want to save the file to, check the necessary boxes to prevent duplicates and name the file accordingly.


That’s all you need to do; your file is now saved in the selected folder. Open the folder and you will see list of files you have saved.

videocacheview saved


If you are using other browser extensions to save the video files played on browser, saving the video will require a download process. With VideoCacheView you can feed your video junkie obsession and make collections of any video that is available on the Web.

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