Combine Internet Connections To Stream Videos Faster With VideoBee [Android]

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re watching online videos on your Android device but your Internet connection just isn’t quite fast enough? Maybe your mobile connection is a little on the slow side, and the WiFi connection available to you isn’t that much faster either. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just combine your mobile and WiFi connections to get a faster Internet connection so that you can watch online videos seamlessly?

Well, with VideoBee you can make that a reality. VideoBee is an Android app that enables you to combine your WiFi and mobile connections to boost your video streaming speed. As long as you have 2 separate Internet connections, you can use VideoBee to combine them – be it WiFi + mobile or WiFi + WiFi. You can also pair up with a friend and go with the mobile + mobile combination. What’s more, you don’t even need a rooted device to use the app.

Start Using VideoBee

First, download the app here. Then, decide on the network that you want to use for streaming online videos. If you are using a device that has a mobile connection (e.g. a smartphone or 3G tablet), you should select the WiFi and Mobile option. If your device has no mobile connection, then your only option is to select the WiFi option and connect with another device that has a mobile connection.

Networks Used to Stream Videos

To take advantage of VideoBee’s features, you will need more than one Internet connection, be it mobile or WiFi. You will also need to make sure that both the Internet connections are stable. Once those requirements are met, you can use VideoBee in either solo mode or group mode.

Solo Mode

If you have both a WiFi and Mobile connection, you can take advantage of this app even in solo mode. Just select the Wifi and Mobile option, and try streaming a video using VideoBee to see how much faster your streaming speed has become than it usually is. For a clearer illustration, take a look at our example below, where we combined a WiFi connection (3.3 Mbps) and a mobile connection (2.7 Mbps).

Solo Mode

Group Mode

You can also create a group to automatically boost each other’s video. To do that, select the Create a new group option and turn on your Bluetooth connection to make your device visible to other devices for 120 seconds. Once the new group has been created, your friends can join the group by selecting the Join an existing group option on his or her device.

Manage Group

To use VideoBee in group mode, make sure at least one friend has already joined your group. Group mode supports the following combinations: WiFi + Mobile, WiFi + WiFi, Mobile + Mobile.

Group Mode

If you want to share a video with your friends, you can tap on Local (top right corner) to share the video locally with whoever you have paired with in the group. You can also share videos via Facebook and Twitter.


At the time of writing, VideoBee is still in open beta and as such, the app only supports YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, and NBC. Also, the app only allows a maximum of 2 members/devices per group for now. But rest assured that updates and more features are on the way, according to the developers.

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