5 Best Business VPN Services for 2024

In the aftermath of the pandemic, there has been a growing trend of remote working and virtual work environments. To enable your remote workers and virtual teams to connect to your corporate network securely, you need a business VPN service.

A Business VPN shields your corporate data from security threats, enabling virtual workers to connect securely to your company network.

But that’s not all. This post highlights some of the most important benefits of using a business VPN – and if you’re convinced enough, you can take a look at the best business VPN service available today and see which one works best for your business.

How Can Companies Benefit From a Business VPN?

Either you run a big corporation or small/medium enterprise, if you work with a virtual team or have branches in other places, then it becomes imperative to use a business VPN.

Why you ask? Well, here is a list of benefits your company can get from using a business VPN:

  • Secure connectivity to the company network and shared resources.
  • Business data protection from security threats like hacking and surveillance.
  • Enhanced security for a low cost, especially for startups and small businesses.
  • Connect securely from anywhere – even from a public network.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions (if any) for remote workers in the country/region that has blocked access to company resources.
  • Easier to set up and maintainance compared to other network security solutions.

Top Business VPN Services in the Industry

So you decided to get a business VPN owing to the security and connectivity requirements of your company and you’re on the lookout for the best one that aligns with your particular needs.

In the following I’m going to give a brief description of some of the best business VPN services along with their specific features and pricing options so you can make an informed decision.

1. NordLayer

NordLayer business vpn

NordLayer is one of the best business VPN providers in the market that’s designed specifically for enhanced business data security for big and small businesses. With its reliable and multi-layered data security features, your remote workforce can safely connect to your network infrastructure.

If we talk about ease of use, NordLayer surpasses all other solutions in this category. It is really simple to set it up (without requiring additional resources), integrate it with your existing infrastructure, and scale it according to the ever-fluctuating requirements of a growing business. With an intuitive control panel, you can monitor user activity, implement security policies, and manage licenses.

Moreover, to manage a user base of more than 40,000 users from 5500 companies worldwide, NordLayer offers efficient and reliable customer support with a record response time as well as a comprehensive blog and FAQ section right on the website.

NordLayer’s features:

Backed by certified information security management systems and military-grade encryption, NordLayer offers some powerful features including:

  • Multi-layered network security – 2-factor authentication, SSO, auto-connect, threat block, custom DNS, network segmentation, rooted device detection, and smart access, among many others.
  • Hardware-free setup so you can quickly integrate it within your existing infrastructure and start using a secure network within no time.
  • Reliable global network of 30+ server locations ideal for conducting product performance tests in any market around the world.
  • Hybrid work security providing secure access to the company network, managing user verification, and endpoint protection for employee devices.
  • Integration with many network equipment and endpoints including Google Workspace, Azure, Okta, Amazon Web Services, and OneLogin, etc.
  • Centralized control panel to implement network security policies, monitor user activity, and manage license transferability all through an intuitive interface.
  • 24/7 customer support offered by network specialists with a response time of under a minute.

NordLayer offers different pricing plans according to client’s requirements ranging from:

  • Basic: $7/user/month, and
  • Advanced: $9/user/month.

You can also get a Custom Plan for your particular needs after a free consultation with NordLayer specialists.

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2. Perimeter81

Perimeter81 business vpn

Perimeter81 offers a reliable VPN security platform for your business network. It offers a feature-rich cyber security experience that adheres to high standards of software security. Plus, you can find multiple data security solutions customized to your particular industry or business needs.

To develop and manage your security network, Perimeter81 gives you an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you an overview of your network policies and access information. Additionally, you can check user activity in real-time through graphs and charts.

Perimeter81 is pretty simple to install and integrates in your existing network. It also saves you a lot of time that is otherwise wasted in dealing with cyber complexity.

Perimeter81’s features:

Here are some of the features you can look forward to in Perimeter81 business VPN:

  • Access control encryption for strict data protection.
  • Easy user management through intuitive dashboard.
  • Real-time endpoint awareness for all user devices.
  • Total network visibility to keep an eye on all user activity.
  • Multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security where needed.
  • Split tunneling and secure web gateway.

Perimeter81 offers an array of pricing options including:

  • Essential: $8/user/month,
  • Premium: $12/user/month,
  • Premium Plus: $16/user/month, and
  • Enterprise with customized security features for your needs.

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3. Twingate

Twingate business vpn

Twingate is not exactly a business VPN, but a cloud-based service that’s focused on advanced network security. It offers a zero-trust access (ZTA) solution for your remote workforce to give them fast and secure access to your corporate network.

You can deploy the Twingate VPN in your network or any of the popular cloud-based infrastructures through its lightweight connectors. It supports Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, SCIM, One Login as well as Linux server.

What sets Twingate apart is its user-friendly functionality and advanced security features that quietly run in the background and don’t impact user performance or latency.

Twingate’s features:

The security features offered by Twingate are quite similar to a business VPN and here are some of the best:

  • Split tunneling at the network resource level
  • Fast and easy set up with efficient management through a simple dashboard
  • Set software-based filters instead of gateways
  • Universal multi-level authentication that you can implement on anything including SSH
  • Real-time insights on user activity in the network
  • Strong device control to protect sensitive corporate data

Twingate offers a free starter package with a limited number of users and devices. For more advanced features there is:

  • Teams: $5/user/month, and
  • Business: $10/user/month.

If your company needs specialized access controls, then you can get a quote on the Enterprise Custom package.

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4. TorGuard

TorGuard business vpn

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward business VPN solution, then TorGuard would suit you the best. It’s a multi-platform VPN service (supports Windows, macOS, and mobile VPN apps) that allows you to access your company network or business data securely and from anywhere in the world.

With strict encryption and using the strongest protocols, TorGuard ensures there are no corporate data leaks and users connect securely with your network even if they’re using a public WiFi. Also, it offers a dedicated customer support team of account managers with sufficient tech know-how to help resolve your day-to-day issues.

TorGuard’s features:

TorGuard offers many network security features for businesses of all sizes. Some of these features include:

  • Professional account admin dashboard to manage users and other settings
  • Custom server setup available on different pricing plans
  • Unblock any app or online service with stealth VPN and proxy service
  • Tunnel encryption feature so every employee can have a secure access to the cloud
  • Add logo to the management panel to give it a professional look
  • Unlimited bandwidth and lightning fast speed

TorGuard comes with different pricing plans categorized in line with your specific business needs. These include:

  • Starter: $32/month (5 users),
  • Small: $69/month (10 users),
  • Medium: $110/month (15 users), and
  • Large: $169/month (20 users).

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5. StrongVPN

StrongVPN business vpn

As the name suggests, StrongVPN comes with some powerful features for protecting your company’s privacy and securing business data. It’s a multi-platform VPN app that supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Linux etc.

One of the most interesting features of StrongVPN is that it allows you to connect with the WireGuard Protocol that gives faster speed, increased performance, and takes up less resources on your system. Also, your virtual teams can connect easily and with the utmost securely from any location, including public WiFi.

StrongVPN’s features:

Apart from the WireGuard Protocol, StrongVPN offers many other cool features including:

  • Strong DNS that lets you change your location for added privacy.
  • IP address masking so you can conceal your activities from third-party spying.
  • Zero logging that ensures your private and business data is never tracked, stored or sold.
  • Multi-platform service offering apps for many PC and mobile devices.

StrongVPN has two pricing plans based on how you want it to be billed. There are:

  • Monthly Plan: $10.99, and
  • Annual Plan: $3.66.

Additionally, if you opt for the Annual plan, you can avail a 30-day free trial with money-back guarantee.

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Why does my business need a VPN?

Businesses use VPNs to ensure the security of data transmissions, especially when employees are working remotely or using public Wi-Fi networks. VPNs help protect against data breaches, cyber threats, and ensure that remote access to the business network is secure and private.

How does a Business VPN differ from a personal VPN?

A Business VPN is designed to accommodate multiple users, offering advanced management features, dedicated servers, and the ability to integrate with enterprise IT infrastructure. In contrast, a personal VPN is intended for individual use, with a focus on privacy and bypassing geo-restrictions.

Can a Business VPN improve internet speed?

While a VPN encrypts data traffic, which can sometimes slow down the connection, the impact on internet speed is usually minimal. In some cases, it can bypass ISP throttling, potentially improving speed when accessing certain resources.

How do I choose the right Business VPN provider?

When choosing a Business VPN provider, consider factors like security features (encryption standards), server locations, bandwidth limits, user management capabilities, customer support, and compliance with industry regulations.

Is it difficult to set up a Business VPN?

Setting up a Business VPN can vary in complexity depending on the provider. Many offer user-friendly interfaces and support to assist with setup. It’s essential to follow the provider’s guidelines and, if necessary, consult with IT professionals to ensure proper configuration.

Are there any downsides to using a Business VPN?

While Business VPNs offer significant security benefits, they may introduce complexity in network management and can sometimes cause slower internet speeds due to encryption overhead. It’s important to select a reputable provider and configure the VPN properly to minimize these issues.