The Disadvantages of VPN Nobody is Talking About

Using a VPN is pretty common these days. On great advantage is that it allows you to access region-specific content and blocked websites. It also enables you to anonymously surf the web. However, what we might not be aware of is that using a VPN has its drawbacks as well.

So before you get a long-term subscription to a VPN service, I would like to highlight some disadvantages of VPN. Or, at least some annoying things you may faced when using a VPN.

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1. You could be redirected to the wrong section/page of the website

Using a VPN can land you on a website different from the one you want to visit. For instance, if you type in on your web browser, you will be directed to the Amazon Store of your country or region. This makes perfect sense because Amazon wouldn’t want to show you products that do not ship to your country.

But if you are using a VPN connected to, say, Denver / United States, and you are from Spain, then you will be redirected to, instead of the correct one –

Similar is the case with many other eCommerce sites like eBay, or even

While this is not the biggest problem of all, but the extra effort needed to pause VPN in order to get to the correct landing page can sometimes be annoying.

2. Stopped by search engine for robot-check

When you use a VPN, it tends to connect users to the fastest possible server by default. This results in many users connecting through the same IP or VPN location.

And when these users, including you, search for something, it creates abnormally large queries to Google coming from the same IP causing it to suspect you as a robot.

robo check

This is especially true for mobile users who connect to a VPN and search something on Google. They’re almost always served with a robot check or CAPTCHA which is obviously very annoying.

3. Search results are often based on the location of your VPN server

When you’re connected to a VPN and try to search something on Google or any other search engine, chances are that the search results you’ll get will not be based on your own country or region but the location of the VPN server that you’re connected with.

vpn search results

So if you’re located in the US and you’re connected to a VPN location somewhere in France, then searching for “pizza places” might give you results based in France and probably even in the French language.

4. Certain media becomes unavailable

While VPN may open up movie tiles not available in your country/region, it may do the opposite too like causing certain streaming media unavailable to you.

For instance, consider the following scenario. You’re watching a movie on Netflix (or any other streaming platform) with VPN connected. The movie that you want to resume watching may become unexpectely unavailable.

Reason? It’s not being supported in the location where your VPN server is located.

netflix movie unavailable

To get the title back on your streaming service, you’ll have to turn off the VPN and refresh the page which is certainly a time-wasting and frustrating activity.

5. Internet suddenly stops working

Almost all VPN users face frequent internet connectivity issues. This usually happens when a VPN server faces a problem and decides to disconnect all connected users where the VPN tries to reconnect you or connect you with another server location.

vpn attempt reconnect

All of this happens in the background, but in the foreground, you face no internet connectivity issue without knowing the reason. Checking the VPN app does help in highlighting the connectivity issue but offers no way around it.

To sum it up

Thousands of people all over the world are using a VPN and you would like to use it too for personal or professional needs. The reason for writing this post is to highlight the disadvantages of using a VPN service so you know what you’ll be getting into.