How to Save Instagram Live Broadcasts to Your Phone

Like many other social network services, Instagram has its own live video broadcast feature. Unlike other social network services, Instagram has never implemented an option that would allow users to save their live broadcasts.

For those who wish to archive their live broadcast, we have some good news for you: Instagram version 10.12 will finally allow you to save your live broadcasts to your phone. Here’s how you’ll be able to do so.

  1. Start and host your live broadcast as per normal.
  2. instagram live
  3. Once you’ve ended the broadcast, you’ll see a "Save" option on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap the "Save" button, then tap on "Done" to save the video.
  4. instagram save options
  5. After you saved the video, you’ll be able to find it in your phone’s camera roll. Do note that the video will no longer be available in the app.

While Instagram now allows you to save your live broadcast, do note that stream interactions such as comments and likes will not be saved. Additionally, the videos will only be stored locally on your phone, meaning that the stream will not be archived on Instagram itself.

That being said, seeing as the streamer now has a copy of the broadcast, he or she can choose to reupload it on a different platform if they choose to do so.

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