How to Bookmark Instagram Posts

Instagram has been releasing new features on a roll lately, and here’s yet another pleasant update: bookmarking posts.

Available on Instagram version 10.2, you will see a bookmark icon underneath the posts in the feed. By tapping on it, the post will be saved to a "Saved" folder, visible to owner only. All bookmarked posts will be sent to the same "Saved" folder, giving you easy access to all your saved posts.

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instagram saved images

This feature is particularly useful when you stumble upon a rare gem of photos or videos but you can only attend to it later. Just bookmark the post and revisit at your convenience. Users will not be informed when their post has been bookmarked by other Instagrammers, so relax and bookmark anything you like at ease.

That being said, the bookmarking feature, however, could be abused in various ways and we can easily name you one, i.e. stalking. Let’s see if Instagram will come up with a smart solution to counter this possible issue.

The Instagram version 10.2 update is now available for iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store respectively.