18 Instagram Accounts for Food Lovers

Food photography is not just about taking photos of the new dish at the restaurant, it is a branch of professional photography that has high commercial value as well. And what better platform to take inspiration from than Instagram, the home to 1 billion monthly users.

So our today’s post is about most interesting Instagram accounts for food lovers to follow. From photographs featuring cookbook authors to professional chefs and food enthusiasts, these Instagram accounts will offer you a great source of inspiration. Let’s take a look.


Sarah Copeland is the food director at Real Simple magazine. She is a New York city-based cookbook author and food expert. Sarah uses her Instagram to share new recipes and delicious photos of food.


Jess Dang’s feed is full of healthy vegetable-filled dishes from her Cook Smarts blog. With a big passion for cooking, Jess uses her Instagram to enlighten others on the benefits of eating healthier and delicious meals.


Joann Pai is a Vancouver-based food and lifestyle photographer. The nature of her work led her to sample and capture some exquisite and eclectic dishes.


Donal Skehan is a 25-year old photographer and food blogger from Dublin, Ireland. With three cookbooks to his name, Skehan’s photos showcase his adventures in both travel and food.


Karen Mordechai is a food stylist and photographer. She is the founder of Sunday Suppers, a communal cooking center in Brooklyn, which makes up a majority of her feed.


Inspired by the culture of Guyana and the Carribean, food blogger Jehan posts photos of homemade food that comes from her heritage. Her blog features these traditional recipes as well as modernized versions.


More famously known as the ‘Naked Chef’ after his first tv show, Jamie Oliver is a chef, dad, food lover, and geek. His Instagram feed is full of photos to inspire anyone to spend more time in the kitchen cooking food that’s both delicious and nutritious.


Caroline was born in the Philippines and moved to Los Angeles when she was in her teens, where she now resides. Her Instagram feed is vibrant and is a representation of her love for food and her family.


Ashley’s cooking career began with her plating intricate desserts at Spago in Beverly Hills. These days she shares her food styling skills via Instagram and her ‘Not Without Salt’ blog.


Sarka Babicka is a London-based photographer and blogger from ‘Cook Your Dream’. Her passion for traveling and feasting is evident via the Instagram photos that she takes with her iPhone.


Carrie Purcell is a food stylist and photographer who shares her photos on Instagram. Her feed comprises of her assignments, food that she indulges in during her own time and her own personal photos.


Megan Fleiner is the creative photographer, adventurer, and blogger at passports and pancakes. She is inspired by creative minds, foreign places, new and challenging recipes, as well as the written word. She posts cool photos of food on her Instagram.


Heather Christothoulou is a photographer and blogger with her own website that’s dedicated to great food, drinks and entertaining. Her Instagram contains detailed pictures of food as well as snapshots of her life.


Based in Brooklyn, Yossy Arefi is a photographer and baker. She also writes on her award winning blog, Apt. 2B Baking Co., which celebrates seasonal baking and the art of preserving food items.


Jeanine Donofrio is the voice behind the Love & Lemons blog. She loves to cook and she’s inspired by seasonal produce. Her Instagram account is full of pictures from her blog.


The author of the cookbook “Small Plates and Sweet Treats’, Aran Goyoaga is a Seattle-based food writer, stylist and photographer. Her Instagram is a journal of all her recipes and her adventures in life.


Originally from Provence, Helene Dujardin is a photographer from Birmingham, Alabama. You can see how the photos on her Instagram embodies her passion for natural light, seasonal and fresh ingredients as well as her interest in travel and people.


Dana Shultz documents her simple and quick recipes at the Minimalist Baker blog, as part of a team with her husband. Her Instagram feed features photos from her recipes as well as her own foodie adventures.