Quidgets: Launch Widgets from Quick Settings on Android

While Android’s widgets are plenty useful, there is no denying the fact that they take up valuable space on your home screen. For those who prefer to have their widgets appear on demand instead of being ever-present on the screen, there is an app called Quidgets that can help you with that.

Available exclusively for Android Nougat devices at the time of writing, Quidgets is an app that lets you launch full-screen widgets from the "Quick Settings" menu. When Quidgets is installed on your device, the app can only be found in the Quick Settings panel. Once the initial setup is done, you can then begin adding various widgets to the active tile area of the Quick Settings menu.

widget list

Launching a widget is just a matter of tapping on the corresponding tile found on the Quick Settings menu. Doing so will launch a full-sized home screen widget in the form of a pop-up interface. Once you’re done with the widget, tapping the "OK" button will close it.