How to Mine Haven (XHV) On Your PC

If Bitcoin mining is not for you, then you could look into altcoins. There are many altcoins that can be mined and one of the most affordable is Haven.

Haven (XHV) is a Monero-based cryptocurrency that claims to be untraceable. It provides fiat currency storage using a smart contract-based method of minting and burning cryptocurrency. Haven’s offshore storage helps privacy-conscious users to store their money in an anonymous currency while avoiding market fluctuations.

In this guide, I will show you how to start mining Haven with your CPU (Windows and Linux only).

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Haven Wallet

Before you start mining, you need to get a Haven wallet that will allow you to store your Haven coins that you mine.

To make things easier for you, I have put together this step-by-step guide to creating a wallet.

Simply follow the steps below to create your own wallet.

Step 1. Create a vault

Create a vault by putting in a name and password and then clicking on the Create button.

create vault
Step 2. Download the vault file

Click the Save button to download the vault file. Then check the box and click Next.

download vault
Step 3. Write down your Seed Phrase

Note down your Seed Phrase and then click the Next button to continue.

seend phrase
Step 4. Verify your Seed Phrase

Now verify your Seed Phrase by entering it correctly in the field and then click Confirm.

verify seed
Step 5. Re-enter your password

Re-enter the password that you used to create the vault file and then click Submit

enter password
Step 6. Copy your wallet address

Finally, go to Settings and copy your wallet address. We’ll need it later to start mining.

wallet address

Haven Mining Pools

Once you create a wallet, you’ll then need a mining pool. Of course, you can mine alone, but it won’t help you make a lot of money and you may even lose money.

So, it’s better to join a mining pool as they charge only 1% commission (or less) and you may get regular payouts many times each day.

There are many pools in Haven and you can choose any of them as we will need it later to start mining.

So now that you have a pool, let’s start mining.

Start mining on your PC

CPU mining is one of the few alternatives available to you if you want to mine Haven (XHV) but don’t want to spend money on hardware. You may be able to earn some money depending on your PC and its parameters.

So, let’s follow this step-by-step guide to start mining already.

Step 1. Install the mining software

Follow this link to download the mining software. Once you’ve installed the archive file, simply unzip it to a folder of your choice.

install mining software
Step 2. Open the ‘guided-setup’ file

Once you have unzipped the archive, open the guided-setup file and you’ll need to answer a few questions. So, the first thing you need to enter on the command line is the configuration name. It’s just whatever name you want to give your miner.

setup file
Step 3. Choosing a mining algorithm

First, you need to enter “n” in the command line to not use multi-algorithm mining. Then enter the XHV mining algorithm, which is written as cryptonight_xhv.

mining algo
Step 4. Enter the mining pool

Enter the mining pool that you chose at the beginning. To do this, simply copy the address of your mining pool and paste it into the command line using the keyboard shortcut Control + V.

mining pool
Step 5. Enter your wallet address and password

In step 6 of creating your Haven wallet, you already copied the wallet address, so if you haven’t already, do it now and paste it here. Then enter your password.

wallet and address
Step 6. Answer a few questions and start mining

First enter “y” in the command line to use your CPU for mining, then enter “y” again to enable logging and type “n” to disable compute mode. After answering the questions, press any key to continue.

answer questions
Step 7. Open the new file created

A new file has been created in your folder with the configuration name you provided. Open this file and your mining will start commencing.

start mining