100 OS X Mavericks Keyboard Shortcuts

OSX Mavericks is finally here, and probably installed on your Mac already. While Mountain Lion users may not find many changes in the free upgrade, they probably love what it did to power management, Finder tabs and quick-reply notifications.

It may also be the upgrade Safari needs to put itself into the browser race again (although we had a few good reasons to ask you to opt for Chrome instead). Well, it’s time to put this new OS to good use. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that can help you work faster and harder with Mavericks. If you think we missed any, let us know in the comments.

finder shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
Command + 1 View as Icon
Command + 2 View as List
Command + 3 View as Columns
Command + 4 View as Cover Flow
Command + [ Go to previous folder
Command + ] Go to next folder
Command + Navigate up one level
Command + Navigate down one level
Command + Control + N Open folder that contains current folder in new window
Option + Double click Open selected folder in new window + close current window
Command + Double click Open selected folder in new tab
Command + Click window title See folder’s path
Command + Tab Cycle through opened applications (foward)
Command + Shift + Tab Cycle through opened applications (backward)
Space Launch Quick Look
Command + Y Launch Quick Look
Command + A Selects all items in Finder
Command + Option + A Deselects any selected items
Command + Shift + A Go to Application folder
Command + Shift + U Go to Utilities folder
Command + N New Finder window
Command + K Connect to Server
Command + Shift + K Open Network Window
Command + I Get info of item
Command + J Show view options
Command + Option + Esc Force quit an application

Finder (List view)

Shortcut Actions
Open selected folder
Close selected folder

files and folders shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
Command + Delete Move to trash
Command + Shift + Delete Empty Trash
Command + Shift + Option + Delete Empty Trash (Silence mode)
Command + drag file/folder Move item to another location
Option + drag file/folder Copy item to another location
Command + Option + drag file/folder Make alias of dragged items
Command + L Make alias of selected items
Command + D Duplicate selected item
Command + C Copy selected item
Command + X Cut selected item
Command + V Paste copied item
Command + Z Undo action
Command + Shift + N New folder
Command + Option + N New Smart folder
Command + O Open selected item

display shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
F1 Decrease brightness
F2 Increase brightness

desktop shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
Control + Launch/Quit Mission Control
F3 Launch/Quit Mission Control
Control + Application windows (See all)
Command + F3 Show Desktop
Option + Command + D Toogle Dock On/Off

Mission Control (Inside Mission Control)

Shortcut Actions
Control + Move to space on left
Control + Move to space on right
Control + # Switch to a specific (#n) desktop. Example: To switch to desktop 3, use Control + 3

dashboard shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
Fn + F12 Launch Dashboard
Command + R Reload current widget
Command + = Show/hide widget bar
Command + Scroll widget bar left
Command + Scroll widget bar right

Screen Shots

Shortcut Actions
Shift + Command + 3 Screen shot entire screen. Saves as picture.
Shift + Command + Control + 3 Screen shot entire screen. Copies to clipboard.
Shift + Command + 4 Screen shot a designated area. Saves as picture.
Shift + Command + Control + 4 Screen shot a designated area. Copies to clipboard.
Shift + Command + 4, then Space Screen shot a designated window.

spotlight shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
Command + Space Spotlight on/off
Option + Command + Space Show Spotlight window

accessibility shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
Command + F5 VoiceOver on/off
Option + Command + F5 Display Accessibility controls
Command + Option + 8 Zoom On/Off
Command + Option + + Zoom in
Command + Option + + Zoom out

Common for various applications

Note: This may not work for some applications

Shortcut Actions
Shift + Command + / Show Help Menu
Command + , Open App’s Preference
Command + ` Cycle through opened Apps (of the same type) windows
Command + Shift + ? Open App’s Help Search
Command + H Hide current window
Command + Option + H Hide all running windows
Command + M Minimize current window
Command + Option + M Minimize all windows
Command + W Close selected window
Command + Option + W Close all windows
Command + Shift + W Close file with its associated windows

sleeps and shut down shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
(once) Put Mac to sleep
(again) Wake Mac up
(hold) Force Mac shut down
Command + Control + Force Mac to restart
Control + Show restart/ sleep/ shutdown dialog
Command + Option + Control + Quit all opened applications
Shift + Control + Put dispplays to sleep
Command + Shift + Q Log Out
Command + Shift + Option + Q Log Out (immediately)

boot shortcuts

Shortcut Actions
Option (hold) Display bootable volumes
Shift (hold) Start in Safe Mode
Left Shift (hold) Bypass automatic login
C (hold) Boot from other media
T (hold) Start in FireWire target disk mode
N (hold) Start from NetBoot server
X (hold) Force Mac OS X startup
Command + R (hold) Start in Recovery Mode
(hold) Eject discs
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