50 macOS Keyboard Shortcuts for Messages

Like all other apps, the fastest way to navigate around Messages is via shortcut keys. So, in today’s post, we’re putting together these shortcuts in a list to speed up your macOS Catalina Messages experience.

If we had missed any, just add your shortcut to the comments section.

Shortcuts for Messages
Keyboard Shortcuts Description
Command + , Open Messages Preferences
Command + H Hide Messages
Command + Option + H Hide everything except Messages
Command + Q Quit Messages
Command + N Start a new convesation
Command + O Open Messages window
Command + W Close Messaegs window
Command + P Print conversation
Command + F Search all conversation for matching text(or words)
Command + Option + K Clear chat log
Command + Control + Space Open Emoji & Symbols window
Command + M Minimize Messages window
Command + Option + M Minimize all Messages windows
Command + Option + L Open File Transfer Window
Command + Control + F Enter fullscreen
Shortcuts during conversation
Keyboard Shortcuts Description
Command + + Make text size bigger
Command + Make text size smaller
Option + Return Line break in conversation
Command + C Copy text
Command + V Paste copied text
Command + X Cut copied text
Command + Shift + : Open Spelling & Grammar window
Command + ; Check text for spelling and grammar error
Control + Tab Go to next conversation
Control + Shift + Tab Go to previous conversation
Command + Option + E Send an email to person in conversation
Command + Shift + E Show video effects while in video call
Select message + Delete Delete selected message
Command + Option + Shift+ W Close all conversations
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