50 macOS Mojave Messages Keyboard Shortcuts

The Messages feature in the macOS Mojave takes your chatting experience to a whole new level by allowing you to have cross-device conversations with anyone on a Mac (with macOS Mojave), iPod touch, iPhone or iPad (carrying iOS 5 and above).

With Messages, you can sync documents, photos, videos, and contacts among all your devices. You can even have a group conference and use Facetime (video calls) across any and all devices.

Like all other apps, the fastest way to navigate around Messages is via shortcut keys. So, in today’s post, we’re putting together these shortcuts in a list to speed up your macOS Mojave Messages experience. If we had missed any, just add your shortcut to the comments section.

Shortcuts for Messages App
Keyboard Shortcuts Description
Command + , Open Messages Preferences
Command + H Hide Messages
Command + Option + H Hide everything except Messages
Command + Q Quit Messages
Command + N Start a new convesation
Command + O Open Messages window
Command + W Close Messaegs window
Command + P Print conversation
Command + F Search all conversation for matching text(or words)
Command + Option + K Clear chat log
Command + Control + Space Opebn Emoji & Symbols window
Command + M Minimize Messages window
Command + Option + M Minimize all Messages windows
Command + Option + L Open File Transfer Window
Command + Control + F Enter fullscreen
Shortcuts during conversation
Keyboard Shortcuts Description
Command + + Make text size bigger
Command + Make text size smaller
Option + Return Line break in conversation
Command + C Copy text
Command + V Paste copied text
Command + X Cut copied text
Command + Shift + : Open Spelling & Grammar window
Command + ; Check text for spelling and grammar error
Control + Tab Go to next conversation
Control + Shift + Tab Go to previous conversation
Command + Option + E Send an email to person in conversation
Command + Shift + E Show video effects while in video call
Select message + Delete Delete selected message
Command + Option + Shift+ W Close all conversations
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