Enhance Your iPhone Videos & Photos with Spotliter Filters

Note: Spotliter has been discontinued. Try these AI image enhancing tools instead.

Apps such as Instagram allows you to add layers onto your photos. These type of apps are very popular due to the photo filtering functionality, allowing users to create photographs that have a certain type of look to them. Some developers have tried the same with video, where a filter is added to achieve different color effects.

Spotliter, however, goes beyond simple color filters. The free app provides the users more than the usual black & white or sepia filters. Spotliter provides interactive filters where users can create videos while manipulating the filter effects as they shoot them. Let’s check out the app, shall we?

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Interactive Video Filters

Spotliter has 15 different types of filters which they call “touch effects“. They include Juxtapose, Freeze, Overlay, Blur, Posterize, Horizon, Dots and many more.

As an example, let’s look at what one touch effect called Magnify does to your video. With Magnify on, you can use an on-screen magnifying glass effect to zoom in on a particular subject, just by pinching your fingers.

Another cool touch effect is Searchlight, where an entire video can be shot in photonegative black, except a spot, circled, to simulate a searchlight in use at night.

Spotliter Searchlight

The amazing thing about the app is that all of the filters can be applied and changed while the video is being recorded. You can use one filter one moment, then change it to another in the next second. It also allows you to pause your video recording, giving you time to switch filters before resuming.

Spotliter Overlay

Along with videos, the filters also work with photos. The Juxtapose and Horizon filters are a cool combined effect made possible with SpotLiter. They let the user combine 2 photos and lay them side by side, perfect for say, a before and after selfie.

Spotliter Juxtapose


There are a few shortcomings with the app. You can’t share videos and photos to your social networks from within the app. There is also no way to edit your files once it is recorded. It is also currently available for iPhone 4 and above, and iPod Touch 3 and above.

Nonetheless, Spotliter is a great app for those who want to add a bit of flair to their videos via interactive filters that they can experiment with to produce awesome homemade videos.