13 Alternative Web Browsers For Smart Phones

With the advent of smart phones and availability of high speed Internet, the craze for mobile phone applications with unique and useful features is boosted as well. Considering this craze, one of the very important and core applications for accessing web pages and web sites is the web browser.

We all use a web browser to surf the net and check on what’s going on around the world after all. In this post, we feature 13 useful web browsers for mobile phones that you may have not heard of before. From enhanced privacy settings to offering multiple languages, chances are you’ll find a mobile web browser that’s just right for you.


Exsoul Web Browser

Exsoul Web Browser provides a fast browsing experience. Some of its important features include search suggestions, translating content, searching content on several search engines, work with 21 languages and much more. [Get it here]

Boat Browser

Boat browser is a powerful, customizable and smart mobile browser with some advanced features which provides you with an amazing experience. It has some premium (paid) features as well. [Get it here]

Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser provides a unique browsing experience on mobile phones. It provides a user friendly interface, speed dials, personalized news in different languages and lots of other cool features. Its most notable feature though is the night mode that lends a more comfortable browsing experience at night. [Get it here]

ONE Browser

ONE Browser is a fast and free to use mobile browser which utilizes picture compression and website optimization. Other cool functions include dual engine for better page display, smart website view and download optimization. [Get it here]

Web Search Browser

Web Search Browser is a fast mobile phone browser with an easy-to-use interface and design. Some of its important features are tabbed browsing, home screen displaying most visited web sites and bookmarks. It allows you the opportunity to personalize the design according to your taste. [Get it here]


IQuest Browser

iQuest browser is a free to use browser designed for iOS. It makes browsing easy and allows one to search the web quicker. Other notable features include bookmarks syncing, private browsing, ad block, etc.

Docler Browser

Docler is a free web browser for iOS devices. Some of its important features include desktop mode, full screen browser, video inline support and private browsing with no history and no cache.

Mercury Web Browser

Mercury is a fast, elegant and a solid browser for iPhones. It has many features such as full screen browsing, ad block, multi-touch gestures, private browsing, file sharing, downloading, printing and much more. [Get it here]


As the name suggests, AllInOneBrowser is actually a browser which contains all the necessary things that you’ll need. Some of its important features are file manager for downloading files, multimedia player, PDF reader, full screen mode and private browsing among other things.

Apollo Browser

Apollo Browser is a useful browser that comes with a built-in ad blocker, a built-in Facebook chat, a download manager so that you can download files at a high speed and much more. [Get it here]

CXM Browser

CXM browser is pretty small at the size of 7.9MB but it supports multiple languages. It is an enterprise software edition which can be used to push bookmarks, set a homepage, blacklist URLs, and hide the address bar. This web browser is optimized for the iPhone 5.

For Various OS

Dolphin Browser – Android, iPhone

Dolphin is a lightweight and secure mobile browser. With Dolphin, one can browse with a swipe and can search via voice. It has a big web app store and a wide range of add-ons. [Get it here]

Sleipnir – Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Sleipnir is a web browser which can work efficiently with various gestures. It allows you to switch between the tabs with great speed and ease. The FavTab feature allows you to go directly to the tab you want even if there are around a 100 tabs opened. [Get it here]