Record & Edit Video On iPhone Easily With Videon

The iPhone has a decent built-in camera but the stock camera app has very limited functionality especially when it comes to editing video. While we wait for iOS improvements on that matter, we look to apps to help us out and we’ve found one to optimize and enhance your video recording experience on the iPhone.

Videon is currently exclusive for iOS that allows you to edit, merge, trim or split your recordings. You can also take photos while video recording, a unique feature not found in other apps. However, these great features come with a small price of $2.99 but we feel it’s worth spending the small amount so here’s our take of Videon.

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Setting-Up Videon

You’ll see a lot of buttons when you first launch the app, here is an explanation for what each button does:

  1. The ‘Red’ dot button is to start recording.
  2. The ‘Camera’ icon is to take photos while recording a video.
  3. The gear icon takes you to the camera ‘Settings’.
  4. The ‘Wheel’ at the bottom right is your zoom function.
  5. The 3 buttons in the center lets you lock Exposure, Focus and White Balance.
  6. The square icon on the bottom left is where you tap to access to your past recordings.
  7. Turns on the camera flashlight.

camera interface

In the settings, you can choose to use the front or back camera.

change back or front camera

The settings also let you change the resolution for your recordings. You can only change the resolution of the back camera, the front camera’s resolution will be maxed out.

adjust video resolution

You can also change the recording frame rate to have better quality videos under low light conditions with a lower frame rate. The default camera uses the 24 – 30 frames per second option.

frame rate per second

You can also lower the video quality to save storage space on your iOS device.

video quality

You can also disable recoding audio entirely or choose to use the 1 or both microphones on the iPhone.

choose which microphone

If you scroll down a little more, you’ll see the option to:

  • Turn on/off video stabilization
  • Turn on/off lock focus
  • Turn on/off crosshair and geotagging

other settings

Still on the settings page, you can set the max zoom range.

set max zoom range

Next, you can set the zoom speed to slow, medium or fast. Setting the zoom speed as fast might result in a shaky video when you’re zooming. We found that the medium option will result in a steady zoom and stable recording.

zoom speed

And lastly in settings, you can choose where you want to save your recordings, in the app or to the camera roll. Choosing to save it in app means your videos won’t get mixed up with your photos in camera roll. However, any photos taken while recording will be saved into camera roll.

save to which location

Start Recording with Videon

After you’ve done setting up the app, let’s start recording by tapping on the ‘Red’ dot. When the recording starts, you will see a timer to indicate how long you have been recording.

start recording

You can now start taking photos while you’re recording a video. You have to first tap on the screen to choose where you want the camera to focus on. After it says ‘Focus Lock’, tap on the ‘Camera’ icon to take the photo.

take a photo

If you want to the object to be nearer, just swipe on the ‘Wheel’ icon and it will start zooming. This is a cool feature because the stock camera app does not have a zoom function.

zoom function

When you are done, tap on the ‘Red’ dot to stop recording.

Edit Your Recorded Video

The great thing about Videon is its built-in video editor with awesome features.

Just tap on your past recordings on the bottom left to access the video editor.

access editor

The left column will display all of your past recordings, the right side shows a video preview. On the top of the video preview, you can see 5 icons. From left to right, the icons are effects, merge, trim/split, save and delete.

video editor interface


There are a total of 17 effects that you can use to edit your video. One of the effects allows you to adjust the speed of your video to make your video faster or slower.

speed up video

You can also adjust the exposure level of your video.

adjust exposure level

The editor also lets you resize your video.

resize video

We won’t go through all the effects, so here are the other 14 effects:

  • Reverse
  • Contrast
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Vibrance
  • Temperature
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Sepia
  • Sharpen
  • Quality
  • Mute
  • Black & White
  • Invert

Merge Videos

You can also merge your video recordings, just select your videos in the order you want them to be merged and tap on the ‘Tick’ icon to merge it.

merge videos

You can then choose to merge and keep your original recordings or merge and delete your original recordings, the latter option saves you more storage space.

merging save option

There are no other merging options like adding transitions in between videos so your cuts might be a bit abrupt.

Trim & Split

If you have a recording which is too long or want to take out an unnecessary part, you can use the Trim or Split option.

trim or split

Trimming works like how you trim your recordings on the stock camera app. Just select the starting and ending point to trim the non-selected parts.

trim video

You can save your trimmed video as a new clip or choose ‘Trim Original’ to overwrite your original recording.

trimming save option

Splitting allows you to split a clip into multiple, shorter clips. Go to a part of a recording that you want to split and press the ‘+’ icon. You’ll then see a silver marker on the timeline that indicates a split there.

split video

You can choose to split and keep the original recording or to split and remove the original recording.

save split

Save Or Delete Your Work

When you are done, tap on the ‘Arrow" icon to save your work to camera roll.

Save your editing

If you want to delete any of the recordings, just choose a recording and tap on the ‘Dustbin’ icon.

delete videos

Additional Info

Tap once on the preview video to see details like the recording date, time, file size, number of frames per second and resolution.

video details

You can also take screenshots of a recording you’re currently previewing with the camera button.

take screenshot

In conclusion, the many awesome features of Videon makes paying the small amount worth it.