High Speed Photography : Frozen in Time

In a blink of the eye, a lot can happen. A lot of astonishing things happen in a split of a second, but they are moving too quickly for us to see. High-speed photography is the art of photographing a rapidly occurring event.

Depending on the event to be photographed, methods range from the use of ultra-short time flash exposures to producing lots of exposures in a split-second. Seemingly frozen in time, a lot of photographers have their particular method of doing high-speed photography.

The usual photographic flash component offers a flash that lasts around a thousandth of a second (a millisecond). But the photographic flash component used in high-speed photography is so much quicker than this, and it creates a flash of light around a microsecond (a millionth of a second). This lets you freeze time through pictures that are happening tremendously fast.

It’s not easy to come up with a perfect shot while capturing a rapidly occurring event; photographers that specialize in this type of photography are masters of patience. Below are some incredibly fresh images that show the beautiful combination of artistic expression and technical precision.

#1 @Avi_Abrams
#1 @Beforethecoffee
breaking the rules
#2 @Burrard Lucas
blue tit
#3 @David Neff
#4 @Fiat
crash test
#5 @Tpphoto
kiwi drop
#6 @Bda668
near death experience
#7 @Aziz J.Hayat
water animation
#8 @Michael Durham
frog leap
#9 @David Neff
bullet shot
#10 @Fotoopa
#11 @Robert D Bruce
happy new year
#12 @James Neeley
lights out
#13 @Aziz J.Hayat
balloon explosion
#14 @Alastair Batchelor
#15 @Mark Watson
#16 @Fotoopa
#18 @Jens Erik Mikkelsen
from below
#19 @Swashbuckle Pics
broken bulb
#20 @Photoboothguy
death to tomatoes
#21 @Alan Sailer
santa better watch out
#22 @Micah Camara
#23 @Fotoopa
#24 @Byredis
#25 @Infiltrator
high speed balloon
#26 @Andrew Davidhazy
#27 @LSG
nikon splash


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