25 Beautiful Examples Of Action Sequence Photography

Sequence photography is a technique of shooting a series of images in where the subject is captured in successive motion. Sequence photography is a wonderful way of conveying motion in a static image. A merged photo sequence can radically show a different perspective much more than what can be captured in a single image.

When you’re creating a sequence photo make sure you get all the action you need. This can be done by choosing shooting a moving. Make sure you have a camera that able to do high shutter speeds. A DSLR that can shoot 3-5fps can get you great results. Then set the camera up on a sturdy tripod so displacement between frames. Then determine the exposure and multiply by the quantity of frames you are going to shoot. Another way would be to quickly shoot a series of separate frames and merged them all together later with the help of photoshop. Below are some truly amazing examples of sequence photography. We hope you enjoy them.

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Ray Demski

sports action sequence

Sequence backmobe | loic2co

séquence backmobe

Xfighters Madrid | Ray Demski

xfighters Madrid

Björn Dunkerbeck | Ray Demski

bjorn dunkerbeck

Strobed Sequence | JK Photography Studio

Strobed Sequence

Greggins Jumping green water | ivotedforkodos

greggin jumping

Snowboard Sequence Photography | Marcio Abe

Snowboard - Sequence Photography

Mike Metzger | Jake Ashcraft

mike metzger

Experiment | k4rp


Phil on ‘Stab in the Dark’ | Enlightened Fellow

Stab in the Dark

Pastrana’s Red Bull No Limits Jump Practice | BNQT


Jordan | mr.ainsworth

jordan action sequence

Hollywood | Sandy’s dad


Waterjump | Edmunds Brencis


Jeff Jensen | Entity Boardshop

jeff jensen

Stonegate Quarterpipe | nickteezy408

stonegate quarterpipe

Sequence Summer Jump | Dragan Zlatonovic


Snowboarding shots | Jaime Vedres

Jaime Vedres

Coming at ya | Cropley Imagery

coming at ya

Catherine Ryan

Catherine Ryan

All FMX Sequence | Jason Halayko

fmx sequence

Falls Clones | Timhaiti

Falls Clones

Humpback Whale in Sequence | Seawayblog

humpback whale

Ski Sequence Action | Lev Akhsanov

ski sequence action

Aiden Raley | Ty Fitzgerald


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