Top 10 Free Google Slides & PowerPoint Templates Sites

Your presentation cannot be perfect without the help of a companion set of beautiful, engaging, and informative slides. With the help of templates, you get a solid foundation for creating the perfect slides for your next presentation. Whether you use Google Slides or PowerPoint (online or offline), there is a ready-made presentation theme or template.

In this write-up, I have compiled a list of 50+ places to download Google Slides themes and/or PowerPoint templates for creating your best presentation. I am going to discuss the best ten websites in detail and list the others for you.

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1. Behance

Behance - a social media platform for creatives

Behance is a popular social media platform for creatives. It is a place to connect and inspire creative people using a creative portfolio profile. Behance hosts tons of excellent themes and templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. And it is completely free to browse the network without an account.

You can simply search for them and utilize Color and Tools filters below the search bar to refine the results. Though Behance may offer some of the best themes or templates listed by its creative members, it does not organize them into categories, making it difficult to browse them per requirements.

2. Presentation Magazine

Presentation Magazine - download templates for PowerPoint

Presentation Magazine is one of the best websites to download templates for PowerPoint. Surprisingly, it boasts of hosting 76,300+ PowerPoint templates and backgrounds — all for free. And you can browse or download them without a user account. However, it does not avail any themes for Google Slides.

Unlike Behance, Presentation Magazine organizes templates into categories, making it easy for you to browse them. You can also browse them per color, popularity, tag and/or search using keywords. However, you may also find some silly templates like printable calendars, slides having only images, etc.

3. Powered Template

Powered Template offers templates for office programs

Powered Template is one of the best sites to download templates for a variety of office programs including PowerPoint, Word, Google Slides, etc. Amazingly, it offers a variety of templates, including but not limited to brochures, charts and diagrams, flyers, maps, newsletters, letterheads, and a lot more.

Powered Template offers 12,300+ PowerPoint templates and 1,200+ Google Slides themes, unlike the sites below. You can browse its templates by category or color and/or search for them using keywords to quickly find them. However, I find its templates have only a few slides, so you may need to mix and match them.

4. Slides Carnival

Slides Carnival is superb for themes and templates

Slides Carnival is another superb website for downloading themes and templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. It contains over 180 Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes, allowing you to quickly create presentations.

As like Presentation Magazine, Slides Carnival organizes its templates into categories. And you can browse them by topic categories, style categories, and color. Unlike Presentation Magazine, I find Slides Carnival has good-looking themes and templates compared to other hosts that mostly have silly-looking templates.

5. offers themes for Google Slides and PowerPoint is another featureful website for downloading themes and templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Unlike the above sites, it also offers other freebies including charts and diagrams for your next presentation slides. Also, I noticed some of its templates are well-designed with modern colors.

As like Presentation Magazine and Slides Carnival, organizes stuff into categories, letting you quickly view them. You can browse through category or popular keywords and/or search for templates using keywords. Although its templates may not be superb, I find they contain multiple featureful slides.

6. PresentationGO

PresentationGO offers Google Slides and PowerPoint templates

PresentationGO is another provider of free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. I find its templates visually appealing though some of them may not appeal to you. It also offers other freebies like charts and diagrams, quotes and tables, timelines and planning, maps, and more.

PresentationGO boasts of offering 1,400+ free PowerPoint templates. You can browse them by tag or color or search using keywords. But unlike many sites on the list, PresentationGO does not categorize its templates into categories.

7. Showeet

Showeet offers templates for PowerPoint and Slides

Showeet is another website with compilations of themes and templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Though it has just 90+ templates under the category named Free PowerPoint templates, it offers a lot more templates under other categories like Business cards, Resume / CV, and others.

Unlike Presentation Magazine, Showeet does not organize templates into categories — at least not into helpful categories. However, it does categorize using tags; you can click on a presentation page and check tags at the bottom of the page. Also, you can quickly find templates by just searching for them.

8. offers free PowerPoint templates is another superb site for getting free PowerPoint templates. However, it does not offer themes for Google Slides. Also, I noticed some of its templates are not as professional as present in other sites like Behance and Slides Carnival. But you can click Editor’s Pick (besides its logo) to check the best templates.

As with Presentation Magazine, organizes its templates into neat categories and tags, allowing you to quickly browse them. Though it does not have a specific feature to browse by color, its tags contain colors, so you can open the tags page and hit Ctrl + F to look for your color and browse that tag.

9. 24Slides

24Slides compiles themes and templates

24Slides is another website compiling themes and templates. Along with the free templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, 24Slides also offers professional presentation services, unlike the above services. I find 24Slides has beautiful themes with modern colors and design ideas, unlike Presentation Magazine.

Unlike Presentation Magazine and Showeet, 24Slides neither organizes templates into meaningful categories nor into useful tags. There are some categories but they do not help at browsing templates by color, style, or topic. Thankfully, there is a search bar for searching for themes using keywords.

10. offers freebies for PowerPoint is another site for downloading freebies for PowerPoint. Unlike many sites on this list, offers additional free design items for creating perfect presentation slides. Its other freebies like icons, infographics, and music loops help create engaging content.

Like Presentation Magazine and, also categorizes templates into categories, allowing you to easily browse them. Also, you can browse using tags on each template page or search using keywords. However, I find its templates are not as aesthetically pleasing as some of its competitors.

Bonus: SketchBubble

SketchBubble is a reliable website for your presentation requirements. It has a collection of over 200,000 slides that can be customized to your needs. You can find what you’re looking for by browsing through categories or using the search bar. The templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides are designed to be visually balanced, helping you create presentations that resonate with your audience.

The website caters to professionals in various fields and offers both premium and free templates. The free templates are particularly useful for those looking to save time while still focusing on improving their presentation content.


Here are more sites to get your free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates.