Transform Your Website into a 3D Maze with Google Chrome

Ever enjoyed the smartphone-controlled, multiplayer game with Chrome Super Sync? Well, there’s another treat for you! Google Chrome now offers a 3D Maze game, allowing you to play a game on your browser. Leveraging Google’s advanced programming techniques, they can morph your favorite website into a 3D Maze. The objective? Navigate a ball to its destination. And the twist? You control the ball using your smartphone or tablet by tilting it.

Not only is this browser game engaging, but it also comes with a captivating soundtrack. Dive in to experience the Google Chrome Maze and discover its intriguing features.

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Pairing Your Smartphone

Start by visiting the Chrome Maze site on your desktop browser and click the Start button.


After a brief introduction, you’ll be prompted to choose a method to pair your smartphone or tablet. You can either scan a QR code or, for a simpler approach, Type or email link.

Pairing Start

Opting for the latter provides a 6-digit code.


Enter this code at on your mobile device’s Chrome browser. Tap Connect to pair. Choose your stage (website) on either device and tap Play to begin.

Device Connection

Using Tilt Controls in Chrome Maze

The game is straightforward. Navigate through the Maze within a set time, having three lives, and collect points as you proceed.


Control the ball using your smartphone. First, calibrate your device by holding it in landscape mode facing your desktop screen.

Landscape Mode

Next, tilt your phone to align the dots on your desktop’s bottom-left corner.

Tilt Calibration

Once aligned, a notification confirms your neutral position. Tilting your device now moves the ball accordingly.

Successful Tilt Calibration

Embark on your journey through the Maze, aiming to reach the end before time or lives deplete. Enjoy the adventure!


Game Constraints

On laptops, the game might cause the fans to run at high speeds, indicating intensive processing due to real-time 3D graphics rendering. Older PCs might experience some delays or graphic challenges. Nonetheless, the game promises sheer enjoyment. Share this delightful game with friends and spread the joy.