Browse Through Gmail Inbox Quickly with This Chrome Extension

Scanning through your Gmail inbox can prove to be quite a challenge, particularly when you have tons of new emails entering the inbox on a daily basis. In an attempt to make clearing your inbox a tad bit easier, the folks at Digital Inspiration has come up with a simple little Chrome extension called Gmail Sender Icons that lets you glance through your Inbox and pick up on important emails easier.

As the name might have clued you in, Gmail Sender Icons is an extension that adds "Favicons" to all of the emails in your Gmail account. On top of that, the Favicons are accompanied by the sender’s domain name.

The logic behind this extension is pretty straightforward: you can now easily identify the source of the email without needing to check the sender’s email address. With this, you can now somewhat gauge the importance of the email without needing to open it.

gmail sender icon extension

And just in case you’re worried about the security risk that this extension may pose, the creator of the extension has since mentioned that Gmail Sender Icons does not share data with anyone outside the browser.