15 Chrome Extensions to Spice Up Blank New Tabs

Enhance your browsing experience with these 15 unique Google Chrome extensions for new tabs.

We previously wrote about new tab browser extensions that you can get for Chrome and Firefox. Since then, more and more extensions are popping up, offering a variety of content that will display itself whenever you open a new Chrome tab on your browser.

In this post, I’ve pulled together 15 Chrome tab extensions that can help you be more organized, be more relaxed, learn more things, and even a few that will give you a laugh or two. Say goodbye to empty newly opened tabs and say hello to better days with more useful and effective replacements.

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1. Taco – Task Manager

Get access to all your tasks from multiple task management tools, all in one spot using Taco. It will bring your tasks from Zendesk, Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, Gmail, OmniFocus, Trello and 40+ others, all on the new tab you open.

Download Taco for Chrome

2. Momentum – Personal Dashboard

Get greeted with a cool personal dashboard and a stunning background that brightens your day. You can add your main focus for the day, a regular to-do list, a weather widget, quick links, also great quotes.

Download Momentum for Chrome

3. Figure it Out – Manage Multiple Time Zones

FIO lets you see the current time of locations around the world based on your choices. It works best for teams that work remotely and across continents, and who may need help figuring out the time zones of their colleagues.

Download Figure it Out for Chrome

4. ProductivityTab – Personal Dashboard

iChrome allows you to customize a new tab with stunning themes and dozens of useful widgets. There are available widgets for weather, stock, news, to-do list, quotes, and many others. It’s easy to install and customize, and you need only drag-and-drop to reorder them.

Download ProductivityTab for Chrome

5. Prioritab – Tasks and Priorities Reminder
To-Do List - Prioritab

For the disorganized soul or for those who really love organizing things, Prioritab is for you guys. Every new tab page is a reminder of your priorities. You can add things you need to finish today, this week, or this month.

Download Prioritab for Chrome

6. Speed Dial 2 – Organize Visited Websites
Speed Dial

With Speed Dial 2 you easily access your most visited pages, bookmarks, and browsing history. The design is clean, intuitive, and customizable, it’s easy to change the column, size, and others, as well as to customize the themes. You even can browse all the bookmarks via mobile by going to this link.

Download Speed Dial 2 for Chrome

7. Panda – News Reader and Content Curator
Panda 4

Panda lets you stay up to date with the latest or most popular content from top sites for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs e.g. the best shots from Dribbble or Awwwards. You can change the layouts to match your style. Browsing everything worth reading in one place.

Download Panda for Chrome

8. Muzli – Fresh Design Inspiration

Muzli gives you all the design inspiration that you need. It gives you the freshest and the best shots in design from around the Web. You can easily filter from the source site, found on the left sidebar, or just browse Muzli picks.

Download Muzli for Chrome

9. Exposure New Tab – New Photo on Every Tab

Exposure is a site that allows its users to create or upload beautiful photos with narratives. This cool extension will show you a beautiful photo from Exposure every time you open a new Chrome tab. If you want more stories about the photo shown just click the link to the rest of the photo narrative.

Exposure New Tab

Download YYYY for Chrome

10. Ritual – New Photo on Every Tab

If you want to make your new tab more beautiful but don’t want it cluttered by widgets, text, or another, then you can try Ritual. It will display fresh and beautiful photos from Unsplash.

Download Ritual for Chrome

11. Behance New Tab – Displays Behance Projects
Behance New Tab

This extension displays the inspiration you need from Behance. You can sort based on the featured image, most featured, most appreciated, most viewed, most discussed, or newest image.

Download Behance New Tab for Chrome

12. Random Wikipedia Tab – Shows a Random Wiki Page
Random Wikipedia Tab

Increase your knowledge with a random Wikipedia page every time you open a new tab. You learn something new every day, right? You can change the language to your own; otherwise, it defaults to English.

Download Random Wikipedia Tab for Chrome

13. FlashTabs – Digital Flashcard

Make learning an everyday part of your life with FlashTabs. Each new tab will flash you a question with the answer hidden. If you give up, just show the answer and basically, you learn something new each and every day. You can add your own questions too.

Download FlashTabs for Chrome

14. AnimatedTabs – Discover New Animated GIF

Lets turn your boring new tab screen into something fun. With animatedTabs, a new awesome GIF will show on every new tab. You can customize the image caption, and even share this find with your friends via social media.

Download AnimatedTabs for Chrome

15. Tab cola – Play Sound Effect on New Tab
Tab cola

Don’t like to read or look at pictures? Try this extension instead. It plays a cool sound effect whenever a new tab is opened, for instance, Cola cans are being opened.

Download Tab cola for Chrome