This Chrome extension locks your Facebook until work is done

Facebook’s News Feed can be your worst enemy, especially when you’re supposed to get some work done. For those who doubt their own self-control when it comes to social media, there is a Chrome extension available that can help you limit your News Feed time.

Called Todobook, this extension replaces your News Feed with a to-do list that you can fill up with tasks.

totobook for facebook

Once all tasks on the list are completed, Todobook will unlock the News Feed for five minutes, allowing you to browse Facebook as per normal. After five minutes, the extension would immediately re-lock the News Feed again, requiring you to enter a set of new tasks to complete.

On top of disabling the News Feed, Todobook will also disable Facebook’s Notification tab to prevent you from being distracted by the social network service.

unlocked news

In the event that you would like to take a quick look through your News Feed even though you’ve yet to complete your tasks, Todobooks does come with a cheat in the form of a grey "Quitter" button. Clicking on this button will automatically unlock the News Feed for five minutes regardless of whether or not you’ve completed the listed tasks.

Finally, once you’re done with the day’s work, you can just disable the extension itself and return to your regular browsing habits.