Organize Browser Tabs Easily With This Chrome Extension

Moving your Chrome tabs around using the mouse, while handy, can be rather finicky, particularly when you have a rather large number of tabs open. If you would rather move it around with your keyboard instead, there’s an extension from Chrome that lets you do just that.

Aptly called Rearrange Tabs, this Chrome extension lets you shift your tabs around without removing your hands from the keyboard. Once installed, all you need to do is to hold down the designated buttons and tap on the directional keys to shift the currently active tab around.

  • For MacOS users, you’ll need to hold down the Ctrl + Shift key while tapping on either the left or right key to move the tab to the left or right.
  • For Windows users, holding down the Shift + Alt key while tapping on the left or right key will achieve the same thing.
rearrange tabs

If you find the default key bindings unfavourable, you can always modify them by accessing the "Keyboard Shortcuts" menu found at the bottom of Chrome’s Extensions page.