Manage Multiple Accounts on Websites with This Chrome Extension

Managing multiple accounts of a single social network service can be a hassle as the need to constantly log out and log into a service isn’t exactly fun. Thankfully, there is a Chrome extension called SessionBox that makes account management a lot easier.

As the name implies, SessionBox is an extension that lets you launch multiple sessions of any given website in a single window.

session box

For example, if you would like to manage two different Facebook accounts,

  • All you need to do is open the SessionBox tab and click on the "plus" button located next to Facebook.
  • Once clicked, Chrome will open a new tab with a "yet-to-be-logged-in" Facebook page.
open session box tab
You can also organize multiple sessions into a single group

Once the sessions are grouped up, clicking on the group will cause all of the sessions to open simultaneously. Furthermore, if you’ve decided to sign up to SessionBox, all of your groups and saved sessions can be accessed on other SessionBox-enabled Chrome browsers as the extension comes with a Cloud Save feature.

organize multiple session

While SessionBox is free to download and use, the extension does have a premium version that costs USD1 per month. Paying for the subscription will give you access to special features like custom icons, session proxy, the ability to bookmark sessions, and more.