Change Fonts on Any Websites with This Chrome Extension

Ever wanted to see how a different font might look on a website? Using the Font Swap extension, this task is a breeze.

It’s a free plugin for Chrome that lets you change out fonts based on certain filters. You can find whatever font a website is using, then target that font and replace it with anything else you like.

The plugin is totally free and built solely for Chrome, so it doesn’t exist for other browsers. But, even if you don’t use Chrome it’s worth installing just for this plugin.

Font Swap Chrome extension

You have your pick of every font in the Google Fonts library which is pretty massive. This lets you test out different ideas on any website you choose, including your own!

Think of how easy it’ll be when you’re designing a new site and trying to avoid those overused fonts in your design. Now, you can just use Font Swap to compare & contrast different fonts, all from your web browser.

You might even combine this plugin with font pairing tools to see which fonts stand out the most.

Font Swap Chrome example demo

You’ll get all the same sorting features as you expect in the regular Google Fonts interface. This makes it easy to search based on serif, sans-serif, monospaced, or other similar fonts.

And, you can configure all font properties such as size, spacing, and bold/italics if needed.

No question this is one of the most useful font testing tools for web designers. It’s a totally free extension and it works on basically every website, even on pages that you’re testing locally from your computer.

Definitely, check it out and see what you think. This extension can save you hours of time spent switching between fonts trying to find the best one.