Firefox Send – This File Will Self Destruct After Download

Sharing your files online is rather risky these days due to the fact that hackers are capable of stealing or duplicating said files without anyone knowing.

Thanks to these fears, many an online file sharing system has since begun encrypting the files as a precaution to prevent hackers from gaining easy access to the files in question.

Not too long ago, the folks at Mozilla have come up with a new file sharing system called Firefox Send that lets you share files that are up to 1GB in size with anyone you wish.

Much like other secure file sharing services, Firefox Send employs an encryption system that encrypts the file you upload, ensuring that your files cannot be easily accessed by anyone.

firefox send

However, Firefox Send doesn’t stop at just encrypting your file. To add an additional layer of security, the system also has a built-in system that would automatically delete the uploaded file when said file has been downloaded once.

In the event that the file was not downloaded within 24 hours, Firefox Send would proceed to delete the file as well. Besides automatic deletion, the person who uploaded the file will also be given the option to the delete said file as well.

firefox send

The nature of Firefox Send is ideal for those who need to share files containing sensitive information to a third-party. However, those who are looking for a way to share files with a group of people need to look elsewhere as the one-time download feature of Firefox Send isn’t exactly suited for that.

firefox send

Despite its name, Firefox Send isn’t a Firefox browser-only service. This Firefox Test Pilot service is available across all modern browsers, so those who do not have Firefox installed on their PCs will still be able to access it on their other browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc).