Evolution of Apple Products (2001-2011) (Infographic)

Well, it’s now 11:11:11 (EST) (or 11:11:11pm GMT +8.00 if you are from Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong) of 11-11-11! Say thank you to yourself for being able to live until now, and also a thank you for Steve Jobs if he had made your life more beautiful and meaningful with his Apple products. To celebrate this very special “11” moment, we decided to share with you an interesting stuff: a detailed infographic of Apple’s products from year 2001 to 201111 years in the making!

Ever wonder the invention date of your iPod? Well, it’s 2001! Not only iPod, in this infographic you will get to know every famous product that Apple has released in these 11 years.

Have a fun time finding the birth year of your favorite Apple gadget, and maybe you’ll know the year that you became the firm believer of the Apple!

evolution of apple products