Eco-Friendly Packaging Done Right In 20 Examples

There are thousands of cosmetic brands and natural beauty products available on the market these days. Customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the next product to try in their daily beauty regime. To beat the stifling competition and stand out from the rest, many cosmetic companies have decided to go back to nature when it comes to applying branding exercises for their merchandise.

Here are 20 examples of product branding that adopts an eco-friendly, more organic and natural approach to cosmetics. By using sustainable packaging material like paper and reusable jars, fruits, flowers and leaves, as well as a nature-based color palette, these are some of the ways cosmetic branding is changing our perception of organic products.

What better way to drive home the idea of “natural beauty”?

IMAGE: Jenni Kupelian
IMAGE: Anna Trympali
IMAGE: Amélie Warnault
IMAGE: Andre Larcev
IMAGE: Grace Kuk
IMAGE: Anthropologie
IMAGE: mousegraphics
IMAGE: Maria Aksyuta
IMAGE: Boglárka Nádi
IMAGE: Louis Meeus
IMAGE: Publicon PR and Maciej Szczerba
IMAGE: Jennifer Boddam
IMAGE: Daria Gavrilina
IMAGE: Patrick Daley
IMAGE: Scott Kirkman, Mike Walter Nguyen and Spencer Harrison
IMAGE: alkisti papageorgiou
IMAGE: Brad Plogsted
IMAGE: Rebecca Stoeckle
IMAGE: Patrycja Koszyk

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