20 Simply Stylish Vintage Packaging Designs

Back in the old days, manufacturers were more careful with their products, and will put in more attention into the details and packaging quality. Thinking about products and packaging from the past inspired me to create this showcase of retro packaging designs.

Here I have put together 20 creative and inspiring retro packaging designs. All of these vintage packages carry a hint of the vibrant 60s and playful 50s of American History. Despite the fact that these products were made in 2015, they look and feel like something vintage: achieved with retro fonts, colors and illustrations.

So, just scroll down and enjoy the designs.

1. Fossil Watch Tins

IMAGE: Aaron Eiland

2. Recovery Kits

IMAGE: Knock Knock Stuff

3. Chocolates with Attitude

IMAGE: Bessermachen

4. Ricos Quesos T-Shirt

IMAGE: DotHaus

5. Milo’s Styling Cream

IMAGE: Jon May

6. Peepers of the Decades

IMAGE: Laney Fisher

7. Retro branding for ice cream

IMAGE: Getbrand

8. Package Design (Coffee Break)

IMAGE: Phillip Powers

9. Rebel Green


10. Route 29

IMAGE: Lovelypackage

11. Hectare’s Tune Up

IMAGE: strADegy

12. Purity Beverage

IMAGE: Aline Jorge and Renan Ferreira Venancio

13. Yugoslav film archive

IMAGE: Marija Marković

14. Crisp And Company Dill Pickles Label

IMAGE: David Cran

15. Daytrader

IMAGE: Samir Lyons

16. Amarelli

IMAGE: Angelini Design


IMAGE: Jin Kil

18. Rivercity Beverage Boys

IMAGE: Erik R. Johnson

19. Love Saves the Day

IMAGE: Lovelypackage

20. JK’s Scrumpy Package Redesign

IMAGE: Sarah Brockett
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