5 Alternative Ways to Download Online Videos

There are times when you enjoy an online video so much that you want to download it (provided it is legal to do so), or there is a specific video that you want to use in your project. The way to get an online video is to download it using a video downloading tool.

This post features some alternative ways to download an online video. All the tools in the list are simple to use and help you download videos in various resolutions.

Note: Please use these tools responsibly and do not use them to download videos illegally or without the creator’s permission.
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Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper

DownloadHelper is a Firefox addon/extension that allows you to download videos and images from many sites, including YouTube, Google Videos, DailyMotion, etc.

It can also convert downloaded videos to your preferred format.

DownloadHelper supports: Any OS with Firefox browser.


VideoHunter is a reliable and high-quality online video downloader. It supports downloading videos from over 1,000 sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

This powerful downloader allows you to grab MP3 and MP4 videos with excellent qualities up to 1080p, 4K, and even 8K. Its batch download feature will definitely save you a lot of time.

All these superior features are free and only require a quick and simple registration.

VideoHunter supports: Windows.



SaveFrom.net is an online tool and a browser extension that helps people download videos from various sites. Once this extension is installed in your browser, you only need to open the video’s page and click on the extension button (located near the top-right of the browser).

It will open a new page with the video’s download links in various formats. SaveFrom has a browser plugin/extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

SaveFrom supports: Any OS with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browser.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Easy YouTube Video Downloader is another Firefox addon/extension with essential features to download YouTube videos.

Its icon appears under the YouTube video and shows a menu of available (downloadable) video formats. Choose the one you need, and the download will start.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader supports: Any OS with Firefox browser.



Deturl is a simple web tool for downloading online videos. All you need to do is paste the video’s URL, hit the “download video” button, choose the desired video format, and your video will start downloading in no time.

You can also make downloading quicker by putting https://deturl.com/ in front of any URL to download videos on the respective page. Deturl also has a bookmarklet if you prefer clicking over typing.

Deturl supports: Any OS with a browser.

VideoProc Converter’s Video Downloader

VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter, formerly named VideoProc, offers a simple and easy solution to download videos from online platforms, including YouTube. The tool is safe to install and straightforward to use, allowing you to download entire playlists on YouTube with just one click.

The app offers a fast download speed even for UHD videos, benefiting from level-3 hardware acceleration, ensuring there are no crashes or freezes during the download process.

Some of its most notable features include a lightning-fast download process with GPU acceleration, downloading hundreds of URLs simultaneously, converting downloaded videos into various formats, selecting the video format before downloading, and no limits on the duration or number of videos you can download.

VideoProc Converter supports: Windows, macOS.



Inovideo is a powerful online video downloader with a neat and straightforward interface. It allows you to download videos from over 50 popular websites and platforms in either MP3 or MP4 format.

Using Inovideo is simple: copy and paste the URL of the desired video, select the output format, click “Download”, and once the download is finished, click “Finished” and the video will be saved to the desired destination.

Some of the coolest features the tool boasts are fast downloading speed and the ability to get videos in UHD, FHD, and HD formats.

The tool offers a free trial for 15 days.

Inovideo supports: Windows, macOS.