Creative Celebrity Finger Art by Dito Von Tease

If you’re willing, even your fingers can be transformed into famous people of your choice, and that’s what the Italian artist Dito Von Tease did for his Ditology project. He photographed his own index ‘dito’, (aka finger) and magically manipulated it into public figures like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg with astounding accuracy.

There’s one disadvantage though: the portrait will look either too cute or too cool! Check out our 10 favorite picks below and if you feel like making one for fun.

#1 – Dito Avatar

With this level of accuracy and detail, it’s hard to tell if this really comes from a regular index finger. Dito Von Tease is not (just) another photo manipulator.

dito avatar
#2 – Dito Mario Bros

I love how vector designs are created to suit this Mario character. The artist truly cares about every single element that adds to the accuracy.

dito mario bros
#3 – Dito Mona Lisa

Masterpiece remastered, but how the heck did he re-create the cloth in renaissance style?

dito mona lisa
#4 – Dito Mozart

If you haven’t noticed the similarity yet, here is the photo for you to compare with.

dito mozart
#5 – Dito Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald’s look always freaks me out, but this one scared me with its seamless, realistic combination between background and portrait.

dito ronald mcdonald
#6 – Dito Mark Zuckerberg

If you use Facebook every day, will your finger start looking like Mark Zuckerberg? Nailed the hair.

dito mark zuckerberg
#7 – Dito Obama

Love him or hate him, you can’t hate Dito Obama.

dito obama
#8 – Steve Jobs

Forget Kutcher, put Dito Steve Jobs in the biography instead.

dito steve jobs
#9 – Dito Tattoo

Quick note: every master work like this takes between 8 and 16 hours.

dito tattoo
#10 – Dito Wrestling

All these convincing designs and textures makes me wonder if finger people actually exists in real life!

dito wrestling

For more fabulous finger portraits, you can visit the main Ditology site. Now which finger portrait is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!