40 Awesome Fan Art Dedicated to Steve Jobs

The world lost a manager who was known for his temper, taking credit for others’ work, and being fired from the company he started.

Despite this, he was responsible for some of the biggest advancements in technology and changed the way we experience and use it. He made things easier for us by introducing swipes instead of clicks, changing how music was sold, and creating the app industry with the App Store.

He also made smartphones and tablets a necessity and sparked long lines of devoted fans at product launches. In short, Steve Jobs redefined technology and made a huge impact on the world.

Tribute to Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

Tribute to Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

We all recognize that this moment was inevitable, yet its sudden occurrence has taken us by surprise. Today... Read more

1. “1955-2011” by WarrenLouw

With the deepest admiration for this legendary icon, we have chosen 40 artworks depicting the man himself as a tribute to the first anniversary of the day we went Jobs-less. ” Each artwork is carefully crafted with extreme attention to detail, very much like how Steve approaches every Apple product he had a hand in.

His mark on the world is still felt today as impressive artworks of tribute to his name continue to turn up, even a year after he had left us. “And to that, I say, “Oh Wow. “Oh Wow. “Oh Wow.

1955 - 2011
2. “Apple Man” by jardorocks
apple man
3. “Colored the World” by Haychel
colored the world
4. “Creator of Apples” by wiener-online
creator of apples
5. “Dominating Confidence” by Stanbos
dominating confidence
6. “Founder of Magical Apple” by mohammed elhussieny
founder of magical apple
7. “Good” bye Steve” by artupida
good bye steve
8. “Great Steve Jobs” by SubhrajitDatta
great steve jobs
9. “He Made Tech Beautiful” by auroraink
he made tech beautiful
10. “He Who Inspired” by gregbo
he who inspired
11. “Homage To The Genius” by fungila
homage to the genius
12. “Inspirational Person” by TimWitherow
inspirational person
13. “Joyful Moment” by Tsevis Visual Design
joyful moment
14. “Steve and Macs” by Tsevis Visual Design
steve and macs
15. “The Man In The Products” by Tsevis Visual Design
the man in the products
16. “Master of Innovator” by sanjun
master of innovator
17. “The Man” by Aakreit Sachdeva
the man
18. “RIP Steve Jobs” by michael152
rip steve jobs
19. “Memory” by eNyDesigner
20. “Perceiving Innovation” by turk1672
perceiving innovation
21. “Presenting iPhone 4” by MosiKashi
presenting iphone 4
22. “Steve” by Fruksion
23. “Steve Jobs – Coffee Painting” by Dirceu Veiga
steve jobs - coffee painting
24. “Steve Jobs – Painted Portrait” by Adobe of Chaos
steve jobs - painted portrait
25. “Steve Jobs from Disassembled MacBook Pro” by Genis Carreras
steve jobs from disassembled macbook pro
26. “Steven Paul Jobs” by dylanroscover
steven paul jobs
27. “Steve Jobs Portrait” by iTrixia
steve jobs portrait
28. “Thank You Steve” by CrazyNalin
thank you steve
29. “Thanks For The Magic” by februarymoon
thanks for the magic
30. “The Innovator” by Richard Davies
the innovator
31. “The Smile” by Speeddrawingitalia
the smile
32. “The Third Was For Steve Jobs” by Devilicious-Pink
the third was for steve jobs
33. “Visionary of Technology” by ThatCrookedMind
visionary of technology
34. “Think Different” by DagoDesign
think different
35. “Steve and Apple” by TomRutjens
steve and apple
36. “What He Has Done” by Cayasha
what he has done
37. “The Magic Creator” by Liyin the Creative-Extraordinaire
the magic creator
38. “Steve “Moses” Jobs” by Dale Stephanos Illustration
steve moses jobs
39. “True Visionary” by markdraws
true visionary
40. “Great Steve” by koinoi
great steve


Words can mean as much as the artworks, so if you would like to, please share your thoughts about Steve Jobs in our comments section, or send an email about their former CEO to Apple. “Lastly, if you have more awesome artworks about the man who also redefined brand loyalty and black turtlenecks, the floor is yours.