30 Surreal Face Art For Your Inspiration

Disclaimer: Some images in this post may be unsettling for certain audiences. For your convenience, the previews have been blurred. Click on the preview to view the complete image. Please proceed with caution.

Our face! It’s a canvas of emotions, conveying happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger. Many idolize faces like those of Brad Pitt, Megan Fox, or Gerald Butler, famed for portraying King Leonidas in the movie “300”.

But what if a face defied conventional standards? Imagine an eye with a valve, a mouth resembling a drawer, or a face that flips like a page. These might sound eerie, but let’s dive into this showcase to challenge our perception of beauty.

This collection doesn’t boast traditionally handsome or beautiful faces. Instead, it showcases intriguing artworks, bearing the touch of artists who dared to think beyond the ordinary. Get ready to redefine beauty!

AB: The Wolf Fusion

Pareeerica masterfully merges human faces with unexpected elements. Here, Alec Baldwin‘s face seamlessly melds with that of a wolf.

Alec Baldwin and Wolf Fusion
Anonymous: A Masked Mystery

This artwork brilliantly blends a mask with a face, aptly named “Anonymous”. It plays upon the notion of anonymity, intricately woven into the piece.

Face with Anonymous Mask
Assembler: Piecing Together the Face

Ever pondered the components of a face? This artwork might not answer that, but it surely is a creation of a visionary artist.

Assembler Face Artwork
Beaux Arts Magazine: A Unique Closeup

An imaginative concept realized through exceptional Photoshop skills. It truly stands out!

Closeup Artwork of Beaux Arts Magazine
Broken Heart: A Chilling Art

A powerful visual that evokes strong emotions. The manipulation is both chilling and brilliantly crafted.

Artwork Depicting a Broken Heart
Chest Of Drawers: Redefining Beauty

An unconventional take on facial beauty, this piece is exquisitely designed and executed.

Face Art with Chest of Drawers Design
C O R E: A Deeper Insight

A depiction of internal exploration and self-discovery.

Artwork Representing Inner Discovery
Cover My Face: A Study in Perspective

An innovative concept that plays with positioning, executed with impressive finesse.

Artwork with Face Being Covered
Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Misplaced Ears: A Lady’s Portrait

While there are many takes on this concept, Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s approach, blending elegance with artistry, is notably captivating.

Artistic Portrait with Ears in Unusual Position
Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Cracking Up: Textured Realism

A striking depiction of a face cracking, with flawlessly integrated texture effects.

Face Art with Cracking Effects
CUT: The Self Unknown

An introspective piece that delves into personal identity and self-awareness.

Artwork Representing Self-Discovery
Face Manipulation: Humor and Horror

A playfully eerie creation, startling yet amusing at the same time.

Playful and Eerie Face Manipulation
Freddy: Ripped Intensity

A fusion of intense gaze and textured layers, creating an imposing portrayal.

Intense Portrait with Ripped Texture
Ghost Of Egypt: Mesmeric Gaze

A masterful representation of the Eye of Horus, rendered with mystique.

Mystical Representation of the Eye of Horus
Half Life: Game Icon Reimagined

A delightful homage to the Half Life game, infusing serious craftsmanship with whimsy.

Artistic Take on the Half Life Game Logo
Paree & Nefertiti Fusion

This piece showcases a flawless blend, capturing the essence of both subjects.

paree and nefertiti blend
Facial Slice

An innovative concept; the sliced view stands out, making it a captivating artwork.

Artistic Refraction

A visually appealing Photoshop masterpiece, capturing the aesthetics in every detail.

Edge Lighting Test

An experimental shot using newly constructed ‘strip lights’. The rim lighting technique effectively outlines the face and shoulders.

edge lighting test
Intense Emotion

An exemplary display of manipulation and processing. Interestingly, there’s a 2-part tutorial on creating similar art.

Fragmented Visage

A striking effect that radiates creativity and glamour. A similar artistic approach can be found on a deviantArt page.

social veneer
Machine’s Future

Could this be a glimpse into the future integration of man and machine? A thought-provoking piece.

the skin
Tear Off Face

Inspired by the Broken Heart concept, this artwork adopts the distinctive style of Giuseppe Mastromatteo.

tear off face
Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Unspeaking Series

A delightful and inventive series by adnrey. Highly recommended!

Unverbal Expression

An amusing concept, unless imagined in reality. Truly a remarkable idea.

Innocent Gaze

A portrait that appears innocent but has underlying mysterious elements. A captivating artwork.

watch you
Vector Composite Technique

A distinct effect achievable with basic techniques like clipping masks and displacement maps. Dive into this tutorial for insights.

vector composite face
Interpretation of “Handsome”

This artwork was inspired by the word “handsome”. Viewers have had various impressions, from seeing “something reaching out” to “teeth”, “shouting”, and “pain”. What’s your interpretation?

what a handsome face

Final Thoughts

Reviewing these artworks has been an enjoyable experience. It’s intriguing how disparate elements can be combined to create faces that are inspiring and beautiful. Such is the essence of art: crafting beauty from the unexpected.