12 Creative Barcode Designs That (Amazingly) Work

The barcode is one of the most unexplored designs right after QR code, due to the misconception that the design is immutable and just plain boring to look at. The fact of the matter is, not only can their lines be twisted for creative purposes, but when it’s treated equally with other design subjects, the barcode has the capability to highlight and make the product stand out from the rest.

Don’t take our word for it. Some design visionaries have gone ahead and breathed life into barcodes in ways neither you nor I can imagine. Here are 15 unique barcode designs (that work!). Get ready to be impressed and tell us your favorite one!

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40 Creative and Beautiful QR Codes

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Sweet Chilli Sauce – If creativity is poured into it, a barcode can become a viral medium to visualize the brand, like this piece.

Image Source: Steve Simpson

sweet chilli sauce

BBQ Sauce – Fun and charming and best of all, it works.

Image Source: Steve Simpson

bbq sauce

Inferno Sauce – A well-illustrated barcode draws a serious amount of attention from such limited space.

Image Source: Steve Simpson

inferno sauce

Snappy Flossers – Running out of ideas? Just integrate the product into the barcode design!

Image Source: Steve Simpson

snappy flossers

3 Cows 2 Cats – Sometimes, you don’t need to change anything, just add an amusing cat and the barcode is now an attention-grabber!

Image Source: Olga Mosina

3 cows 2 cats

Cordel – Barcodes can be fun if you want them to be, although it’s better for the bottom part to be flat for higher scannability.

Image Source: Vanessa G. Ferreira, Juliane Cristelle, Rodolfo Rodrigo Oliveira Pinto, Lilianne Marcondes


Faber Castell – And with some color, the barcode fine art is born! You would need a brilliant mind like Filipe Daniel’s to pull this off, though.

Image Source: Filipe Daniel

faber castell

Boer & Brit – A majestic barcode for a noble brand? Not a problem, sir.

Image Source: Fanakalo

boer and brit

Tree Root – Just something simplistic with smart execution is enough for a win with most barcodes.

Image Source: Fanakalo

tree root

Electric Guitar – As long as the bottom part is flat, anything could be a perfect subject for a barcode design!

Image Source: Fanakalo

electric guitar

Tuna – Who says you can’t express motion in barcode?

Image Source: Penélope Lira


City – You wouldn’t think an artwork like this could be scanned like a normal barcode, but yes, it is possible.

Image Source: Christian Usher