Create Online Video Presentations Easily With Movenote

Presentations are a great way to explain things and get important information across to an audience. However, there are times when it’s just impossible to conduct a presentation in real-time, be it due to distance or simply lack of time. Sure, you could just email your slides or publish them online, but without the all-important human element, it can be hard to communicate and get your point across. If you’ve ever wished for an easy way to overcome this problem by combining slides with audio and visual narration, you can stop wishing. Say hello to Movenote.

Movenote is an app and website that lets you create video slidecasts, which the app calls Movenotes. Movenote lets you accompany your slides with a video narration. If giving a presentation in real life is impossible for whatever reason, Movenote might just be the next best thing. If this sounds useful to you, read on to find out more.

Getting Started With Movenote

To get started using Movenote, just log on to the website and register a new account if you don’t have one. You can also log in using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. However, it looks like you’ll only have Google Drive integration if you login using a Google account.

Once you’ve logged in, go through Movenote’s terms and conditions. Once you’re done with that, you can watch some YouTube videos with tips on getting started with Movenote. Finally, Movenote will ask for your permission to use your webcam.

Camera Permission

Using Movenote

This is what the main Movenote interface looks like:

Movenote Interface

Your slides take up the bulk of the screen, with your webcam’s output on the right side of the screen. This is so that you can see yourself while you’re recording the Movenote. Press the pencil icon beside the presentation title to edit the Movenote’s title. Archive is where you access older Movenotes.

Adding slides is simple as clicking on Add Slides and choosing whether to add files from your computer or from your Google Drive account.

Uploading Content

Once you’ve added your slides, either from your computer or from Google Drive, you can rearrange and delete them however you wish. Just press Re-order at the top of the slide display and a new window will pop up allowing you to re-order and delete slides.

Re-ordering Slides

Recording Your Presentation

Once you’re satisfied with your slides, you can start recording your Movenote. Just press the red Record button; Movenote will start a countdown and then begin recording. While recording, just narrate as you normally would, and click the arrows above the slide display in order to move through the slides. You can also turn your mouse cursor into a laser pointer by holding your mouse button down; this can be useful for highlighting certain parts of a slide.

Once you’re done recording, click Pause. You can then either resume recording, start over if you made a mistake, or press Save & preview if you’re satisfied with your recording.

Once you press Save & preview, Movenote will take a few minutes to generate your Movenote. How long Movenote takes depends on the length of the presentation.

Completed Movenote

You have a number of ways to share your completed Movenote. You can email the link via Gmail, copy the public link, or share it on social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Movenote also has AddThis integration, letting you share your Movenote on a lot of other social platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr.

There are a few other controls at the bottom of the screen. The seekbar and the slide counter work in tandem with each other, in that moving through the slides also advances through the Movenote. Viewers also have the option to download the slides in .PDF format.

There’s also a settings menu that lets you do a few extra things, including adding a link, editing the slides, generating an embed code as well as deleting the Movenote.

Movenote Settings Menu


Movenote is an incredibly useful tool if you want to accompany slides and presentations with audio-visual narration and explanations. If you’ve ever wanted to keep the human element of presentations while sharing information across the Internet, then Movenote is definitely something you’ll want to try out.

Movenote is also available for mobile platforms, both Android and iOS. There’s also a Movenote Chrome app as well as a Movenote for Gmail extension that lets you create Movenotes directly from Gmail.

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