20 Cool and Creative Doorstops You Can Buy

When it comes to home decor, it’s not that easy to choose items both beautiful and functional for your house or apartment. Door stopper is a really nice and useful thing to prevent damaging nearby walls by the door or keeping the door open. They can be used for keeping the door open or closed.

You can’t even imagine how many shapes, forms and sizes of doorstops exist, so they won’t left unnoticed. Here we have put together the most creative and interesting doorstop designs which will cheer your home decor. Here you’ll find door stoppers shaped like a mouse, dropped ice cream, a ship or shoe, and many more other forms. Any of these doorstops can be bought using the links.

1. Ice cream doorstop

Keep your door open and make clean freaks crazy seeing a dropped ice cream. Yes, this doorstop looks like an actual dropped melted ice cream. It’s made with durable plastic.


2. Cheese doorstop

For the kitchen door, it would be better to choose something a little appropriate. This door stop seems like a perfect choice. It looks like a piece of cheese but it’s not meant to be eaten but rather to keep the door open.


3. Paint tube doorstop

Add some fun to your door (the last place you expect to add some fun too) with this plastic paint tube which looks like a real one. It’s also a great gift for an artist in your life.


4. Kitty Here doorstop

Cats can never decide want they go out or in. However, if you decided to keep the door open, you can use Kitty Here doorstop made in a form of cat’s paw.


5. Wizard of Oz doorstop

This fantastic doorstop looks like Wicked Witch of the East’s legs from Wizard of Oz. It’s perfectly sized for the job, I mean holding the door, but it’s also nice and heavy. It could be an amazing Halloween accessory.


6. Autumn leaf doorstop

It does not really matter that it’s winter outside. Inside your house it will be always autumnal with these nice doorstops made like leaves fall on the floor.


7. Fox doorstop

This nice awesome doorstop looks like a fluffy fox toy, but in fact it’s heavy due to the sand inside. It will be a perfect addition to any boring door edge.

Price: £10


8. Pause doorstop

Slamming doors can be also avoided in a cool funny way by using this Pause Doorstop which glows in the dark! The doorstop bears a pause and play system like your music players which can decide whether your door stays stable or is moving.


9. Gold bullion doorstop

Who would not like to have a doorstop like this, I mean a piece of pure gold! Gold bullion doorstop is a weighty doorstop in the shape of a metallic gold bullion bar! Perfect to use as a paperweight, it is the ultimate house and office accessory.


10. Rope knot doorstop

This heavy knot doorstop is a hand woven of rope over cast iron. You can call it a perfect accessory for nautical decors.


11. Stop doorstop

What could be more suggestive than a doorstop that actually says "stop"? This door stopper is made from silicone rubber and is very efficient thanks to its big grip footprint so no door is too heavy for it to hold it open.

Price: $16


12. Tentacle doorstop

This creative doorstop is made like a tentacle crawling out of the door. Each doorstop is unique and each of them can be different due to hand-drawn design.

Price: $25


13. James doorstop

James is a perfect gentleman who will hold the door open for you. It actually looks like a funny man holding the door with his arms.

Price: $23


14. Great wave doorstop

This amazing wooden wave with pattern is designed by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. It looks super-fancy and luxury.

Price: $60


15. Ship doorstop

This amazing door stopper looks exactly like a ship going out of the door. It will keep your door wide open easily, as it’s made of silicone.

Price: $10


16. Stoppo doorstop

This funny yet creative doorstop is shaped like a mouse in minimalistic way. It will keep your door from slamming. The mouse is made of polyurethane gel which is flexible, crushproof, and sturdy.

Price: $32


17. Heels door holder

People often use their foot to stop the door from slamming or for keeping it open while someone else passes through. So why not use a heel show as doorstopper which would reflect this habit? The door stop comes in black and red and has rubber coating.

Price: $14


18. Cast iron mouse

If you prefer a doorstop that’s both functional and fun to look at, then maybe this mouse would be a nice choice. The doorstopper comes in the form of a black mouse from cast iron trying to hold the door for you.


19. Twinstopper doorstop

This is a small door stop featuring asymmetrical ends. It fits in any variety of spaces and gaps. It’s sold in sets of two, one with a red finish and one in black.

Price: $29


20. Stoppy universal door stop

Stoppy Universal Door Stop is a nice doorstopper shaped like a comma or a bird. It works on carpet, wood, tile, and cement. You can keep your door or window open using it.

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